Start the New Year right

Join our global community at the virtual start line and challenge yourself to one of our themed Virtual Events. Set yourself a goal, join in on the event date and prove it to yourself. You got this. 

Just select a Virtual Event below, follow the easy instructions for each one and await the start date. No matter where you are, join in. You ready?

How It Works:

You’ll take on a 5km route of your own design, starting and ending at the same point. This can be undertaken at any time on 1 – 31 January but must be done on foot and logged before 23:59/11:59pm on the 31st to count as being completed. 

If you have also signed up for a Stride Challenge, this distance can be included in the total for that. Just make sure that you have activated the Stride challenge on FitRankings before you do this event. You can record your challenge using any fitness tracking app or wearable.

Share your journey and your finisher photos in our dedicated Facebook Group.