Choose Your Challenge

  • 3 miles, 13 Mudder Favorite Obstacles (No Ice. No Electricity)
  • Green Finisher Headband, T-Shirt & Beer
  • Action Photos
  • Access to Mudder Village Festival
  • 8-10 Miles. 25 Obstacles including Exclusive Classic Obstacles
  • Orange Finisher Headband, T-Shirt, Beer
  • Action Photos
  • Access to Mudder Village Festival

Tough Mudder Through the Years

Over the past 10 years, Tough Mudder has seen it all. From our first event in the mountains of Pennsylvania in 2010, to 120+ events in 19 countries this year. Mudder Nation has planted it’s flag all over the globe. Over 100 of the world’s most iconic brands have partnered with us, helping us spread our values of teamwork, camaraderie and personal accomplishment. We’ve showcased your inspirational stories on television sets around the world and built a social media following in the millions. Tough Mudder Bootcamps are popping up all over the US and today, our tribe is 5 million strong and growing.

In 2020, to celebrate 10 years of Tough Mudder, we will be dedicating (3) North American events to be the host of our 10 Year Celebrations. What does this mean for you? It means you will be receiving dedicated and unique experiences at Tough Mudder Los Angeles, Chicago and Tri-State.

•Unique Signature Obstacle on Course

•Limited Edition 10 Year Finisher Headband

•Enhanced Mudder Village Festival Celebration

10 Year Celebration Videos

Our community is the soul of Tough Mudder and we are proud to be stewards of this global family. The Tough Mudder you’ve come to know and love for our innovative obstacles and disruptive brand of irreverent fun is on a renewed mission to help transform the lives of people all over the world.

  • 10 Years of Tough Mudder

  • 10 Years of Obstacle Innovation

  • World's Toughest Mudder Through The Years

  • 10 Years of Community