Building the Tough Mudder Movement

By Will Dean, Tough Mudder Co-Founder and CEO

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coming in september 2017

In 2008, former UK counter terrorism officer and marathoner Will Dean, was determined not to follow his fellow Harvard Business School classmates to either Wall Street or Silicon Valley. Having just finished another long training run tired of monotony of going it alone mile after mile, he came up with the idea for Tough Mudder – trudging through fields of mud, overcoming obstacles filled with ice water, electricity and stacks of burning hay. His professors told him the business would be an epic fail, and everyone thought he was crazy. Dean proved everyone wrong in a huge way. Tough Mudder spawned a fitness revolution that is an international business success and put the OCR industry on the map.

This book shows how this “epic fail” is now leading a global tribe of millions highly engaged and addicted participants who are united by a commitment to promoting courage, personal accomplishment and teamwork through life-changing experiences. It’s an amazing true story of team spirit, creativity, smart entrepreneurship, deeply held values, and a whole lot of mud.

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