So you thought 2020 was a write off? Not so fast. 

Tough Mudder Challenges is about bringing motivation, fitness and some much-needed fun back into your life, and getting it to stick.

Over the course of 21 days you will take on  a series of activities to test your endurance, strength, speed and sense of humor. But we won’t let you do  it alone – you will have a community of thousands of new Mudders taking part in the Challenge alongside you, encouraging you all the way to the finish line.

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November 10th
Theme – Mission: Sea to Space

In November, we honor the service of our veterans in our 21-day military-inspired challenge presented by Navy Federal Credit Union. Participants will take on everything from bootcamp, to knot tying, to classic survival skill challenges that will push their mental grit and physical strength to new limits. From the sea, to land, through air and into space, each challenge pays tribute to a different branch of the military. We challenge you to join forces, test your limits, and make the commitment to complete this mission in honor of those who’ve completed so many missions for us.

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December 2nd
Theme – Expedition Antarctica

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020 (finally) and what better way to end the year than with an Antarctic Expedition? Over 21 days you’ll face activities inspired by one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, facing the harshest of conditions and freezing temperatures (sounds a lot like 2021). But there will still be plenty of laughs, camaraderie and community and a bit of festive fun too. So grab your thermals and that last bit of will and let’s make it a December to remember.

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What do I Get?
As well as an epic sense of achievement and the opportunity to take on something completely unique with your friends, you’ll get all of this when you sign up for Tough Mudder Challenges.
Access to the Tough Mudder Challenges platform
Track your progress and work through challenges using our brand new Tough Mudder Challenges platform. You’ll be able to sync with your favorite fitness trackers and upload photos, plus keep an eye on how the whole team is doing. Accountability for the win.
A Whole New Community
Take on Tough Mudder Challenges and you’ll be joining people all over the country. You might not meet them on the start line but you can find them in our Tough Mudder Challenges Facebook Group.
Brand New Swag
Not only will you be able to tell everyone about that time you crushed Tough Mudder Challenge, you’ll be able to show them. Choose Tough Mudder Challenge with a finisher kit and you’ll earn yourself the brand new Tough Mudder Challenge headband, the 2020 Finisher T-shirt, a uniquely themed coin and an exclusive limited edition 10 Year Anniversary headband (that’s a serious haul).
Music Motivation
Each unique Tough Mudder Challenge will be different to the next and you’re definitely going to need a banging playlist. Follow us on Spotify to find the accompanying playlist for your challenge.