Introducing The Tough Mudder Competitive Series

Quest For The Holy Grail

The All New Tough Mudder Race Series

Tough Mudder has always been about pushing yourself to be the best that you can be. The introduction of the Tough Mudder Competitive Series gives Mudder Nation a chance to compete for global recognition, win prize money and to better their best.

While each of these events is a race, it’s a race against the clock, against the lap counter and against yourself. The core Tough Mudder values of teamwork, camaraderie and personal accomplishment will continue to be the driving force on Tougher and Toughest Mudder courses around the globe.

Through brand new competitive events like Tougher, Toughest, and World’s Toughest, Mudders now have a goal to strive towards, and a chance to show the world - and more importantly, themselves - what they’re truly made of.

Timed, Competitive Start Wave
  • Exclusive first access to the course
  • All new Tougher Mudder challenges
  • Unique Tougher Mudder finisher tee & headband
8 Hours Through the Night
  • Exclusive Toughest Mudder obstacles and challenges
  • Unique Toughest Mudder finisher tee & headband
  • Compete in a televised event on CBS Sports
24 hours of Exclusive World’s Toughest Obstacles
  • First access to all new 2018 Tough Mudder obstacles
  • Unique World’s Toughest Mudder finisher tee & headband
  • Compete in a televised event airing on CBS

The Pledge

Just like every previous Tough Mudder event, there will be a pledge to start:

As a Tough Mudder, I pledge that
I understand this event is a race... but not an excuse to be a selfish jerk
I will uphold the Tough Mudder values of teamwork and camaraderie
I will help my fellow competitors complete the course
I will not whine... losers whine
I recognize that in life the race is long... and in the end, only really with myself.


The Holy Grail honors those who are tough enough to complete a Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder and World’s Toughest Mudder within the 2017 calendar year.


Along with the ultimate bragging rights, achieve the Holy Grail and you’ll get: an official Tough Mudder Holy Grail (yes, an actual grail), a unique tee, a Holy Grail patch, and a digital badge to share.

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All Tough Mudder courses involve teamwork, getting outside your comfort zone and a whole lot of mud. With a wide range of distances and intensities, we have a course for you - no matter what stage you’re at in your Mudder Journey. Take a look. Your next Mudder awaits.