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As we return to hosting events in 2021, ensuring your safety and the quality of your on-event experience is our #1 focus. Over the past few months, our team has been working with local officials and independent experts to fine-tune a suite of safety measures designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at our events. 

Included here are the guiding safety principles and plans that we’re currently planning to implement at all of our scheduled 2021 events.  We’ll continue to monitor trends, work with local officials to comply with their guidelines and restrictions and adjust our plans as needed based upon guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and our independent epidemiologist experts

*All registered attendees will receive safety information specific to their event (following input from state and local officials) via email between 1-3 weeks prior to their event.

To read more about our Covid safety measures, including our conversation regarding safety with our Epidemiologist, check out the Tough Mudder Blog.

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Capacity Reduction & Social Distancing
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We’re rolling out pre-event selection of start times, and capacity will be initially limited between 25% and 75% of traditional capacity to provide for smaller start waves and less crowding in the festival and on-course.
Health Screening
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Participants will need to complete a pre-event health screening survey and receive their digital “all-clear” to present upon entrance to the event. All staff will be tested and cleared regularly, prior to travel and while on-site.
Protective Equipment
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Staff and volunteers will be wearing face coverings, and protective barriers will be installed at interaction points. Participants will be required to wear facial coverings while not on course, and should plan to bring their own mask. We’ll have an extra clean one for you at the finish line.
Cleaning & Reduced Contact
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We’ve gone cashless, and are working to reduce contact points and well known areas that cause congestion. We’ll be rolling out an enhanced cleaning program, including self-service wipes in locations like the portable toilet and food & beer seating area. Hand sanitizer, provided by Tough Mudder partner Every Man Jack will be available throughout the festival and at every obstacle on course.


Tough Mudder is all about teamwork– and we all need to stick together to keep our entire community safe when returning to the mud. While we’ve got a solid plan in place to protect you, here’s how you can do your part:

  1. Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick within the past 14 days. Consider taking a pass on the event if you’re part of a vulnerable group and haven’t yet received your vaccine.
  2. Be Informed! Read all event communication and signage, as it could contain important safety information on new event procedures and policies. Follow the instructions of medical personnel and Tough Mudder Staff. 
  3. Respect social distancing and look for any visual cues like signage and ground markings that indicate where to stand and how far apart to be from fellow participants. 
  4. Practice proper health and hygiene methods for hand washing, hand sanitizing, sneezing, coughing, etc. 
  5. Wear a face covering when not on the course.
  6. Show up on time at your assigned arrival and start time.
  7. Give yourself and others some space.
  8. Thank the volunteers, they are there to keep you safe and help keep you going.
  9. Consider the safety of yourself and others around you.
  10. Respect the host community and venue.

Capacity will be limited, ranging from 25%-75% of standard capacity, based on state and federal guidelines. Registration must be completed online prior to the event. No on site registration will be permitted. We may increase capacity leading up to the event based on coordination with local officials and anticipated conditions at the time of the event.
Start Times
*NEW* For the first time, participants must select a start time prior to event day. Starting in November 2020, start times will be selected at the time of registration and participants may only transfer to other times based on available inventory. Customers who purchased earlier in 2020 received communications in December 2020 on how to select a start time.
Social Distancing
Always keep at least 6 feet between yourself and other people. Attendees must observe and obey all signage that promotes social distancing. Line queues will be placed and distancing shall be enforced throughout the event, specifically at the following locations:

• Check-In (Registration) area
• Restrooms
• Start Line
• Obstacles
• Water Stations
• Merchandise tent
• Food and Beverage queues
Health & Symptom Screen
This will be completed via app and displayed to gain access to the registration or volunteer check-in area:

• Anyone who has had potential exposure to a COVID-19 infected person within the past 13 days will not be permitted to enter the event, and their ticket will be transferred to a future event at no cost.
Failed Health Screen
If someone fails the health screen then all the individuals in that party will not be admitted. Any Attendee that is denied admission due to a positive COVID-19 test or a failed health screening will receive a free transfer to a future event.
All event staff and volunteers will wear face coverings at all times. Reusable face coverings will be provided for volunteers.
Attendees will be required to wear a face-covering in the pre-start and festival area, and may remove their mask while on course approximately 100′ after the start line. We’re working with a partner to provide face coverings to participants and reusable masks will be available for purchase in the Tough Mudder Gear shop.
Protective Barriers
Plastic or vinyl shields will act as a barrier between attendees and staff or volunteers at key interaction areas.
Staff will regularly clean and sanitize customer touch-points throughout the day, particularly in high traffic areas, at restrooms, tables, handles, and more
Hand Sanitizer
Clean up nice with Every Man Jack Hand Sanitizer. This will be available for use throughout the event, included throughout the Festival, after every obstacle and in and around portable toilets.

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We’ve removed cash collection from parking and bag drop (now included when you purchase your ticket for a $10 flat fee). We highly encourage attendees to bring credit or debit cards instead of cash for food truck, beer and merchandise purchases at the event.
• Hydration stations are being reformatted for a hands-free experience.
• Food items and product samples will be individually packaged and self-service.
• Rinse stations will allow for greater distancing, and changing tents may be omitted to allow for increased ventilation.
• Gear Check will be in an enclosed, secured outdoor area without overhead covering to promote ventilation. Attendees should plan to bring their personal items in a waterproof bag.
• Water-based obstacles are treated each morning and contact obstacles will be sanitized at scheduled intervals. The CDC has noted that transmission of COVID-19 via water and pools is highly unlikely.