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Changes have been made to the parking plan due to extreme weather. See the "Event Details" tab (Parking & Check-In Section) for updated instructions.


Event Details

Event Overview

When Tough Mudder takes over Mansfield Airport, Ohio will be redubbed the Birthplace of Fright. Transforming some of the country’s finest farming soil into the world’s filthiest mud, the stage is set for TM Ohio to be one muddy Mudder. Best leave those new tennis shoes at home—right alongside your ego.

Event Location

578 Beer Rd
Ontario, OH 44906
United States Map >>

Travel Time

COLUMBUS: 1 hr., 30 mins.

CLEVELAND: 1 hr., 30 mins.


Event Pricing



Event Launch Special Sep 1 - Sep 23 Sold Out Sold Out
Early Bird Discount Sep 24 - Oct 10 Sold Out Sold Out
Tough Discount Oct 11 - Jan 9 Sold Out Sold Out
Mudder Entry Jan 10 - Feb 6 Sold Out Sold Out
Standard Entry Feb 7 - Mar 20 Sold Out Sold Out
Late Entry Mar 21 - Apr 3 Sold Out Sold Out
Final Entry Apr 4 - May 16 Sold Out Sold Out
Weekend Entry May 17 - May 18 Sold Out Sold Out

Saturday sold out. Please do not contact customer service. Any additional tickets will be allocated first come first serve to the wait list.

Saturday Sold Out

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Hard Earned Beer

Event Extras

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Course Map

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Course Details

COURSE TYPE: Backwoods
TOTAL DISTANCE: 10-12 miles

Course Conditions

Grass Fields

Mud Forecast

MUD TYPE: Thick mud

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Spectator registration is available online for $20 until Friday (May 16) at midnight before event weekend. If you miss the online registration deadline, spectator tickets will be sold for $40 on site.


Join our team of Tough Mudder Volunteers (MVPs) and create a life-changing experience for yourself and others. Or, if you’re participating, get your supporters (who are ready for the mud, but not the electric shocks) to volunteer so they can still be part of your day. As an added perk, our MVPs get up to 90% off registration.


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Event Details

  • Waivers

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  • What to Bring

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  • Parking & Check-In

    When you arrive

  • Mudder Village

    Before and after the event

  • Mudder Savings

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Full Ohio 2014 Information Packet

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We offer exclusive Mudder lodging options for most Tough Mudder events. For discounted rates, and to stay with your fellow Mudders, book your hotel below.


All attendees must buy a parking ticket to park at the event. Parking is on-site, but there are choices depending on how close you want to be to Mudder Village. View options here: Saturday / Sunday.


    • Challenging the Comfort Zone

      Nolan Kombol, 29, is a course designer and director of innovation for Tough Mudder, a 10- to 12-mile, military-style obstacle course. The courses are constructed in the United States and abroad for specific events, then dismantled. He is based at its Brooklyn headquarters.

    • Tough Mudder Inc. Teams Up With Britvic to Launch a Unique International Children's Event: Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

      Event organizer Tough Mudder and leading international soft drinks company Britvic PLC to co-create custom obstacle course challenges for 7-12 year olds at existing Tough Mudder and Mudderella events in three countries in 2015


Event Timeline

From pre-event to post-event, our timeline makes sure you never skip a beat.

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Event Photos

Our photographers will be out there on the course taking action shots of you and your teammates. In the week after the event, stay tuned for an email with your photos and go to our Facebook page to view the event photo album. In the meantime, go check out our galleries on Mudder Nation.

Tough Mudder Tattoos

Many Mudders like to get a tattoo of our logo to commemorate their achievement. We think this is great, so once you get inked, fill out a tattoo registration entry form to get free entry into a Tough Mudder event of your choice. Please note: our UK, AU and CAN venues don't allow tattoos on-site, so you'll need to find a local establishment that can oblige.