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October 25 & 26, 2014



Event Details

Event Overview

With 11,000 acres of rugged slopes, desert terrain and one of the largest lakes in the state of California, this course may bring down even the toughest of Mudders. Then there’s the obstacles: you’ll face grueling challenges from the dark, muddy minds of our Course Design Team, plus a few surprises to test just how far you’ll go to get that headband. The sun may always shine in Southern California, but on event day we’re bringing a mud storm to Vail Lake.

Event Location

Vail Lake
38000 Route 79 South
Temecula, CA 92592
United States Map >>

Travel Time

San Diego: 1 hr., 15 mins.

Los Angeles: 1 hr., 50 mins.

Event Pricing



Event Launch Special Dec 1 - Jan 21 Sold Out Sold Out
Early Bird Discount Jan 22 - Feb 6 Sold Out Sold Out
Tough Discount Feb 7 - Jun 12 Sold Out Sold Out
Mudder Entry Jun 13 - Jul 24 Sold Out Sold Out
Standard Entry Jul 25 - Aug 21 Sold Out Sold Out
Late Entry Aug 22 - Sep 11 Sold Out Sold Out
Final Entry Sep 12 - Oct 24 Sold Out Sold Out
Weekend Entry Oct 25 - Oct 26 Sold Out Sold Out

*There is a mandatory $10 insurance fee with your registration.

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Hard Earned Beer

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Event Extras—The Details

Course Map

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Course Details

TOTAL DISTANCE: 10–12 miles

Course Conditions

Large Hills

Mud Forecast


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Check out our obstacles >>


Spectator registration is available online for $20 until Friday (Oct 24) at midnight before event weekend. If you miss the online registration deadline, spectator tickets will be sold for $40 on site.


Join our team of Tough Mudder Volunteers (MVPs) and create a life-changing experience for yourself and others. Or, if you’re participating, get your supporters (who are ready for the mud, but not the electric shocks) to volunteer so they can still be part of your day. As an added perk, our MVPs get up to 90% off registration.


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Event Details

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Full SoCal 2014 Information Packet

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Turn a fun event day into an awesome event weekend. For special deals, and to stay with your fellow Mudders, book your hotel by clicking the link below


All attendees must purchase a parking pass in order to park on site at the event. Save time on event day by purchasing a premium, preferred, or general parking pass. Onsite general parking tickets will be available for $20.00 cash only. See info packet for more details and click on links below to register.

Book parking here: Saturday / Sunday.


    • The Mudder of all Obstacle Courses is Back

      Tough Mudder has been hard at work on a labor of love to make this year’s event which will be held Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 at Plantation Field in Coatesville even more challenging than loyal Mudders have come to expect. They have re-defined old obstacles and given birth to new ones like the Birth Canal where you must crawl under a deceptively heavy, water-filled liner which is pushing down on you as you head toward daylight.

    • Tips for Preparing for a Tough Mudder Obstacle Event from Trainer Kyle Railton

      Even the strongest athletes struggle through a Tough Mudder course, which might require competitors to crawl through mud and under barbed wire (an obstacle known as “Kiss of Mud”) or climb up a 25-foot scaffold, latch onto a fireman’s pole or slide through a giant ring of fire and into a tank of water.


Event Timeline

From pre-event to post-event, our timeline makes sure you never skip a beat.

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Event Photos

Our photographers will be out there on the course taking action shots of you and your teammates. In the week after the event, stay tuned for an email with your photos and go to our Facebook page to view the event photo album. In the meantime, go check out our galleries on Mudder Nation.

Tough Mudder Tattoos

Many Mudders like to get a tattoo of our logo to commemorate their achievement. We think this is great, so once you get inked, fill out a tattoo registration entry form to get free entry into a Tough Mudder event of your choice. Please note: our UK, AU and CAN venues don't allow tattoos on-site, so you'll need to find a local establishment that can oblige.