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June 21 & 22, 2014



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Featuring some of North America’s steepest climbs and most dramatic slopes, Whistler is one Olympic-sized Tough Mudder course. A gritty combination of rocky natural terrain and perilous, man-made formations, Olympic Park has already tested the world’s fiercest, most iron-willed athletes. Now it’s your turn to earn your orange on the land of silver and gold.

Event Location

Whistler Olympic Park
5 Callaghan valley road
Whistler, BC V0N 1B2
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Travel Time

Vancouver: 1 hr., 35 mins.

Surrey: 1 hr., 45 mins.

Seattle, WA: 3 hr., 50 mins.

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Event Launch Special Aug 1 - Aug 31 Sold Out Sold Out
Early Bird Discount Sep 1 - Oct 10 Sold Out Sold Out
Tough Discount Oct 11 - Feb 6 Sold Out Sold Out
Mudder Entry Feb 7 - Mar 20 Sold Out Sold Out
Standard Entry Mar 21 - Apr 24 Sold Out Sold Out
Late Entry Apr 25 - May 8 Sold Out Sold Out
Final Entry May 9 - Jun 20 Sold Out Sold Out
Weekend Entry Jun 21 - Jun 22 Sold Out Sold Out

*There is a mandatory $10 insurance fee with your registration.

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Event Extras

Don't miss out on some awesome event extras including our official event after party, a hiking pass, the mudder gear merch tent, and our epic welcome back Mudders Olympic Plaza experience. Also save time and book your parking and lodging ahead of time. The link for info on all these topics is below. Event Extras & Parking

Course Map

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Course Details

TOTAL DISTANCE: 10–12 miles

Course Conditions


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Spectator registration is available online for $20 until Friday (June 20) at midnight before event weekend. If you miss the online registration deadline, spectator tickets will be sold for $40 on site.


Join our team of Tough Mudder Volunteers (MVPs) and create a life-changing experience for yourself and others. Or, if you’re participating, get your supporters (who are ready for the mud, but not the electric shocks) to volunteer so they can still be part of your day. As an added perk, our MVPs get up to 90% off registration.


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We offer exclusive Mudder lodging options for most Tough Mudder events. For special deals, and to stay with your fellow Mudders, book your hotel below.


All attendees must buy a parking ticket to park at the event. Parking is on-site, but there are choices depending on how close you want to be to Mudder Village.

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    • Storytelling relays softer side of Tough Mudder

    • Tough Mudder shares the secret to building the perfect obstacle course

      The new obstacle courses set to challenge the best of the best in Tough Mudder's endurance races this year focus heavily on teamwork, tenacity and, of course, plenty of tough mud to fight through. You wouldn’t want it any other way, would you? ...


Event Timeline

From pre-event to post-event, our timeline makes sure you never skip a beat.

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Event Photos

Our photographers will be out there on the course taking action shots of you and your teammates. In the week after the event, stay tuned for an email with your photos and go to our Facebook page to view the event photo album. In the meantime, go check out our galleries on Mudder Nation.

Tough Mudder Tattoos

Many Mudders like to get a tattoo of our logo to commemorate their achievement. We think this is great, so once you get inked, fill out a tattoo registration entry form to get free entry into a Tough Mudder event of your choice. Please note: our UK, AU and CAN venues don't allow tattoos on-site, so you'll need to find a local establishment that can oblige.