North American Season Pass

Think you’re tough enough to take on a full dose of Tough Mudder this year?

If you do (and if you want to save money on doing multiple events), you’re on the right page. Purchase a 2015 Tough Mudder North American Season Pass for $500, and you’ll get entry to any, and every, Tough Mudder North American event on our 2015 calendar*. Pretty sweet, huh?

Key benefits:

  • 30+ events
  • As low as $25 per event
  • Experience amazing destinations
  • Run multiple laps on course
  • Entry to sold out events

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase a 2015 Tough Mudder North American Season Pass.
  2. Tough Mudder will send you an access code that will allow you to register for any Tough Mudder North American event*. This code will be emailed to you within 1-week of purchasing the season pass. This email will be titled: “Your Tough Mudder Season Pass Access Code Is Ready.”
    • Choose the event you want to enter and then
    • Scroll down to the pricing table and click the orange "Register" button next to the day you want to participate on.
  3. Register for as many North American 2015 events as your muddy heart desires*.
    • Visit the Tough Mudder Events Page.
    • Choose the event you want to enter and click Participants Register Now.
    • Choose your Ticket Type: Register as an Individual, Create a Team or Join a Team.
    • On the ticket selection page, click Enter Promotional Code.
    • Insert your access code – This code is emailed to you 1-week after purchasing the Season Pass.
    • Hit Apply – This will pull up the Season Pass option.
    • Select one (1) Season Pass participant ticket and click Register.
    • Complete your registration by entering your personal information that matches your Season Pass purchase.

Purchase a Season Pass

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Rules and Regulations

  • Insurance is not included in the Season Pass. You must pay $10 when registering for each day of each event.
  • Your name and birth date from your Season Pass purchase MUST match your name and birth date you enter when you register for each event or you will not be allowed to enter the event on event day.
  • The deadline to register for each event is the Friday before the event at 11:50 PM (local time). If you do not register for an event by this time, you will not be able to participate at the event.

*2015 Season Pass is not eligible for entry into World’s Toughest Mudder.