WTM Official Rules


  • All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • The Tough Mudder Season Pass may NOT be used to register for WTM.
  • There are absolutely no refunds of, or transfers of, WTM race registrations.
  • WTM is a rain or shine event that will be held irrespective of any and all weather conditions. To clarify, we will never cancel a course solely because of weather conditions. However, if weather conditions make the course unsafe, or affect our medical and safety teams’ ability to help participants, this will have to be evaluated independently.
  • We STRONGLY encourage all participants to obtain sign-off from their doctor certifying that they are fit enough to engage in the event.
  • All participants must sign the WTM liability waiver, both online during registration and in person at the event.

WTM Official Rules

Rules are based upon WTM 2013 rules. Rules are subject to change for WTM 2014.

  1. First and Foremost: If Tough Mudder, from its own observation or a report, received from any source, believes that a participant may have committed a gross breach of a rule, good manners or sportsmanship, or may have brought the sport into disrepute, that participant will face official review, potential disqualification, and/or removal from the site.
  2. WTM participants (you or your entire team) will have 24 hours to complete as many laps of the course as you can. At the 24 hour mark, all participants (or complete teams) may complete the lap they are on. No Participants will be able to start a new lap after 24 hours (10:00 AM Sunday).
  3. At the 24 hour mark (10:00 AM), Participants on the course will be given two hours, or until 12:00 PM Sunday to complete the lap they are on. The Winner will be whichever participant or team has completed the greatest number of laps by 12:00 PM on Sunday.
    • If you complete a lap of the course at 9:45 AM on Sunday and begin another lap, you have the chance to complete that lap, but you will only have until 12:00 PM on Sunday to do so. If you complete a lap at 10:01 AM, you will not be allowed to start a new lap.
  4. If more than one participant or team has completed the same number of laps by 12:00 PM on Sunday, the Participant or team that completed the last full lap first will be deemed the winner, regardless of who is ahead on the incomplete lap.
    • For example: Participant A crosses Lap 8 at 9:45 AM Sunday, and Participant B crosses Lap 8 at 9:50 AM Sunday. At 12:00 PM Sunday, neither Participant has completed Lap 9, but Participant B is ahead. Participant A will be deemed World’s Toughest Mudder because they completed the greatest number of laps in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Teams follow the same procedure outlined above. A team finishing means every team member has crossed every checkpoint at the same time (within 20 second split). A Team’s “time” will be represented by their last team member to cross a checkpoint. There will be no exceptions for injuries or disqualifications – If one team member is injured, drops out, or is disqualified, the team will not be able to continue competing in World’s Toughest Mudder.
  6. The Pit Area location is immediately after the completion point of each lap.
  7. If no one makes it through 24 hours of WTM, the prize money will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project.
  8. Only registered participants may participate in the event or attempt any obstacle.
  9. Participants CANNOT intentionally hinder the progress of any other participant for any reason. Doing so is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  10. Participants must complete each lap and every obstacle of the course in its entirety. Skipping any obstacles or timing mats throughout the event will result in disqualification. If a participant is unable to complete an obstacle, they must complete the penalty option instead. This will vary depending on the obstacle. Participants must stay on marked course unless directed otherwise by Tough Mudder Race Officials.
  11. Participants are allowed the assistance of a selected “Support Crew” to support them during competition. The “Support Crew” will not be provided by Tough Mudder, and will only be arranged by the participants themselves. Support crew is allowed in the pit until the official end of competition on Sunday.
    • The following “Support Crew” support is allowed at World's Toughest Mudder 2014:
      i. Moral support
      ii. Resting in the participants tent/camp site (must use only provided space, no additional space will be provided by Tough Mudder)
      iii. Updating contender on position of rivals
      iv. Provision of food (no cooking in pit, can bring cooked food from elsewhere)
      v. Assistance changing clothing/equipment (no unauthorized equipment allowed)
    • The following “Support Crew” support is strictly prohibited:
      i. Artificially warming athlete (body heat is ok)
      ii. Interfering or harassing other participants (this will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the site)
      iii. Assisting with obstacles or course: Including help with obstacles, supported running, shouldering participant, bringing outside items to participant on course (including food)
      iv. Pacing of the athlete on the course
      v. Swapping timing chip with athlete (must not be removed at any time)
  12. Participants must keep all personal items within their designated space in the pit area. Failing to observe this rule will result in disqualification.
  13. Participants may only enter the pit area after completing a full lap. Participants entering the pit area at any other time for any reason will be disqualified. For example, once you exit the Pit Area and continue on the course, you will not be allowed to turn around and re-enter the Pit Area to grab something you forgot. Doing so is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  14. All participants must wear a timing chip and race bib at all times. Participants that lose or damage their timing chip or bib must get a new one from the scoring tent upon completion of a lap or from a TMHQ Official on the course.
  15. Fastest Lap Competition/First Lap: Will be awarded to the participant(s) in each category to achieve the fastest first (1st) lap.
    • The Fastest Lap will be the fastest first lap of competition officially starting at 10:00 AM on Saturday.
    • The winner will be first participant(s) in each category to cross the finish line of the first lap NOT the participant with the fastest overall lap time.
    • The fastest first lap time will NOT be considered in determining the overall fastest lap.
    • The first lap will be a sprint lap, no obstacles will be open.
    • Participant Awards Categories: Fastest Male, Fastest Female, Fastest Team.
  16. Black Ops Competition: Will be awarded to the participant(s) in each category to complete the most nighttime laps.
    • Official nighttime hours are between sunset and sunrise
    • The winner will be the participant(s) in each category to complete the most nighttime laps.
    • Only laps started after sunset and completed before sunrise will be counted.
    • Participant Awards Categories: Male, Female, Team.
    • Regular WTM rules apply, nighttime rules apply.
  17. Nighttime Rules: Official nighttime hours are between sunset and sunrise. During this time the following course changes are to be observed:
    • Partial course closure or obstacle removal may be administered by Race Officials.
    • Between sunset on Saturday and sunrise on Sunday, all participants must wear a headlamp and a safety strobe light. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Participants are strongly recommended to bring backups of each of these items. *If your headlamp breaks for any reason you are responsible for flagging down a Tough Mudder official and required to begin the next lap with a working headlamp
    • Aside from Pit Crew, no visitors will be permitted in the pit area after sunset on Saturday and will only be allowed to return after the official end of competition on Sunday.
    • Between sunset and sunrise all participants must stop at the medical check point at the entrance of the pit area to have their vitals checked before they begin their next lap. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  18. Race Safety: Medical officials may require any participant to submit to a medical check at any time throughout the event. If the medical official deems a participant unfit to continue competition, the participant shall be removed from the event. The medical official’s decision is final and not subject to appeal. Additionally, participants requiring more than 30 minutes of medical treatment either on the course or in the medical tent will be automatically disqualified.
  19. Tough Mudder reserves the right to close any obstacle for any length of time for any reason without regard for such closure’s impact upon the event’s competitiveness.
  20. No participant can use a performance enhancing drug or procedure. Participants may be requested to undergo drug testing before and after the event. If you are requested to do so, your medical form indicates that you hereby agree to abide by such testing procedures.

*Any and all disputes will be settled by the Race Official, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal.