Finish Line

Congratulations, you did it Mudder. You’ve completed all of your activities, gone further than you thought possible and taken your teammates with you too. We always knew you could do it and now you do too.

This month thousands of you have come together from all over the world to take on this Challenge. As well as climbing over 5,333,638 feet, traveling 91,316 miles and collecting all of the Infinity Stones, you’ve cheered each other on, kept the community motivated and pushed through each activity despite everything. For that, you’re our Super Heroes and here is your Marvel Edition Finisher Oath:

I have finished the Marvel Edition Tough Mudder Challenges,

I have Found my Power, 

But I know the work has just begun.

From this day forward, I will stand taller, I will be more courageous, 

I will defend what I know is right and I will protect those who need protection. 

I will face front and I will be a True Believer. 


Marvel Edition Stats

62,640 Miles

1,185,295 Meters

Your Next Challenge is here:

Tough Mudder logo and Marvel logo

Tough Mudder Challenges – Marvel Edition

This month we’re saying goodbye to reality and diving into the ever-expanding Marvel Universe. Over the next 21 days you will join your favorite Marvel characters to tackle activities inspired by the adventures of the Avengers, Daredevil, the X-Men and many more. You’ll shrink down to the size of Ant-Man to run laps around NYC, travel to Wakanda and climb Mount Bashenga and channel Black Widow, Captain America and Thor in an epic 1,400 rep workout. Remember the Infinity Stones? Well this time you’re the one who needs to collect them and save the world. So assemble your friends, grab your shield and prepare to become the hero you always dreamed of being.