On August 16th & 17th, over 60,000 Mudders came together around the world for 5 events in 4 countries, on 3 continents for 2 days. And they did it all as 1 Mudder Nation.

While many of your friends (and maybe even you) were having just another lazy weekend, 21 Mudders were crossing the finish line per minute and Mudder Legion was growing by over 15,000 Mudders. But you don’t have to take our word for it - the stats speak for themselves.

Costume Contest WINNER

It wasn't easy picking out the best costume, but someone had to do it. We sorted through thousands of photos of Mudders in heavy body paint, ridiculous masks, praiseworthy facial hair and probably more skin than we saw in 2014 events combined so far (we're looking at you, Aussie Mudders).

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When you see Mudders out on the course, covered in mud, sweat and maybe even Ninja Turtles costumes, you can’t really be sure who they are. But on Global Wear Your Headband to Work Monday, they were unmasked, their true identities revealed. That guy that helped you up Everest? He may have been catching babies on Monday. That woman who helped boost you up Berlin Walls? She may have been fighting fires on Monday. There’s a lot of Mudders in disguise out there in the world, and we salute them all.

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