You can't just join, you have to earn it.

What Is Mudder Legion?

Mudder Legion is the official organization of multi-mudders.
Legionnaires have completed at least two Tough Mudders.
As a Legionnaire, you've shown us that you're a leader on the
course and we want to reward you for it. You can't just join.
You have to earn it.


When you sign up for your second Tough Mudder, you will be on your way to becoming a member of Mudder Legion. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive Obstacles: Only Legionnaires will get a chance to (try to) traverse our Obstacle Innovation Lab’s latest creation: Dead Ringer.
  • Option to Bypass Electroshock Therapy: You’ve already proved your mettle running through Electroshock Therapy. This time around, skip it if you’d like. We know you’re solid.
  • Mudder Village VIPs: At select events, Legionnaire’s can plunge down Fire In Your Hole or slide down Ring of Fire--and claim free photos of the action.
  • Unlimited Laps: Is a dozen miles of mud not enough? Go directly from finish line to start line, and give another lap or two or seven a go. But remember: additional laps don’t count count toward Legionnaire status.
  • Legionnaire Headbands: In addition to your orange headband, you’ll earn colored headbands symbolizing your number of finishes from 2 to 10. 25x and 50x headbands coming soon.
  • Photo Finish Banner: After your finish, head to the Legionnaire Photo Backdrop to capture your Legionnaire status for all to see.
  • Gear and Giveaways: On-site gear and merchandise exclusively available for those with Legionnaire headbands.


You can't just join Mudder Legion. You have to earn it. Here is how:

  • You must be on at least your second Tough Mudder to become a Legionnaire.
  • As soon as you’ve completed one Tough Mudder and signed up for #2, you are in.
  • Your past Tough Mudder finishes count toward your finisher totals.
  • All headbands are claimed on site at the Legionnaire’s tent in the base area.

The perks of being a legionnaire

Legionnaire Headbands


Exclusive Obstacles

Exclusive Merchandise

Levels of Mudder Legion


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