You can't just join, you have to earn it.

What Is Mudder Legion?

Mudder Legion is the official organization of multi-mudders.
Legionnaires have completed at least two Tough Mudders.
As a Legionnaire, you've shown us that you're a leader on the
course and we want to reward you for it. You can't just join.
You have to earn it.


When you sign up for your second Tough Mudder, you will be on your way to becoming a member of Mudder Legion. Benefits include:

  • Access to Legionnaires' Loop: The rite of passage to becoming a part of Mudder Legion - includes several extra repeater only obstacles.
  • An Exclusive Obstacle: A brand new heart-pounding obstacle just for Mudder Legion. We promise you will not be disappointed. This is our most bad-ass obstacle yet. Truly.
  • Option to Bypass Electroshock Therapy: You've earned the right to skip the shock and head straight for the beer. Or if you're a sucker for punishment, don't skip it - your choice.
  • Legionnaire Headbands: In addition to your orange Tough Mudder headband, you will also earn a colored headband that symbolizes the number of Tough Mudders you have crushed.
  • Responsibility to your fellow Mudders: You are now a leader on the course. Go out and show others in Mudder Nation how it's done and give them a hand.
  • Mudder Legion Gear: Exclusive gear on-site just for Legionnaires when you show your newly-earned Legionnaire headband as proof of Mudder Legion membership.

How to earn a spot in Mudder Legion

You can't just join Mudder Legion. You have to earn it. Here is how:

  • You must run a Tough Mudder event in 2014.
  • You must at least be on your second Tough Mudder.
  • Once you have completed Legionnaires' Loop you are a member of Mudder Legion.
  • If you have done a Tough Mudder before:
    Do another Tough Mudder in 2014 and become a member of Mudder Legion.
  • If you have never done a Tough Mudder before:
    What are you waiting for? Sign up to run two Tough Mudders this year and you'll become a member of Mudder Legion.

The perks of being a legionnaire

Legionnaire Headbands

Legionnaires' Loop

Exclusive Obstacles

Exclusive Merchandise

Levels of Mudder Legion


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