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1,500 competitors. 21 obstacles. A 5-mile loop of unforgiving desert terrain. Running 100 miles 24 hours.

Watch as a father meets his son for the first time at Tough Mudder Philadelphia and get the backstory that allowed this once in a lifetime moment to unfold. 


Here’s to all the bad ass, tough as nails, beer sippin, dog grillin, do the dirty work, ignore directions, make you laugh, embarrass you, but most of all be there for you Dads out there.


Tough Mudder is a big deal. Over 3 million people have slapped on the warpaint since 2010. You’ve probably heard the stories…

If you haven’t, allow us to let you in on a little secret (or 5). Here’s what they never tell you about Tough Mudder.

It’s More Than Running Through Insane Obstacles


As we're sure you've seen by now Tough Mudder UK has been celebrating its fifth birthday. May has been an incredible month filled to the brim with events, brand new formats and record-breaking Mudder numbers - in short it's been the perfect way to mark five years of mud.

But this month also marks another special anniversary, because the only thing better than getting really muddy, is getting really muddy for charity.

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Here at Tough Mudder we talk a lot about teamwork, determination and personal achievment - in fact you can't shut us up about it. But every now and then we see something at one of our events that encompasses everything that we admire and work towards as a brand.

On Saturday at our Tough Mudder Half Midlands event TMHQ captured a very special video.

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Jana kämpft sich durch den Schlamm

   Jana, 23 Jahre alt, Studentin, aus Passau.

   Wenn sie nicht gerade mit ihrem Nebenjob oder dem Studium beschäftigt ist,
   trifft sie sich gern mit Freundinnen auf einen Kaffee.

   Sie hat sich mit ihrer Mutter bereits durch zwei Tough Mudder gekämpft.

   Eine ganz normale Tough Mudder Teilnehmerin? Nicht unbedingt ...


We turned 5 reasons Mom is the Toughest Human on the Planet into small, shareable, tokens of thanks. #ToughMother 


Every Mudder has their warm-up ritual. For some it's a few deep breaths as they prepare for the challenge ahead, for others it's a quick high-five, or even a blood-pumping battle cry. In fact there are a million ways to start a Tough Mudder but there is surely only one way to finish, and that's with a refreshing beverage and an epic photo.

Luckily for you our official finisher cider Kingstone Press has launched Kingstone Press Finisher of the Day.

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