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Mudder Nation, Samsung are back. Bigger, better and slower than ever before with the new Galaxy S9. That’s right slow, and not just slow, we’re talking epically super slow. Not in body or in mind, but by turning the best of the Tough Mudder experience into EPIC Super Slow-mo for your enjoyment, thanks to the innovative new features of the latest Galaxy S9. Come and see the epic in everything.



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“I quit my job to watch this show full time and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.” - Derek from Toledo


See who topped the podium at the Tough Mudder X 2018 World Championship event—and took home a big payday for their efforts.


For the first time in its storied history, World’s Toughest Mudder is invading Atlanta. The only question is: Will you be there?


The first-ever Tough Mudder Bootcamp is now open in Burlington, MA. Check out everything that happened during the June 2, 2018, grand opening celebration.



The Tough Muddder X World Championship, presented by Kill Cliff, will be the most physically demanding race you’ve ever done (just ask anyone who participated in the Sacramento Open and Miami Open this year) and the most action packed one-mile course you’ll ever watch.


You may already recognise him from Workout Wednesday, our UK training videos or even from out on course but we are happy to introduce Born Barikor as our brand new official Tough Mudder UK Trainer.

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Hindernis "Cage Crawl" ist 2018 zurück auf den Tough Mudder Full Strecken

Anfang des Jahres haben wir Euch "The Vaut" vorgestellt, ein Archiv mit legendären Tough Mudder Hindernissen vergangener Jahre. Wir haben Euch abstimmen lassen, welches Hindernis Ihr 2018 wieder sehen wollt und ein großer Teil von Euch bekannte sich für Cage Crawl. Wir können ahnen warum, es fast wie eine Runde Planschen im Pool... (okay der Vergleich hinkt etwas..)



At Tough Mudder London West we were lucky enough to welcome professional stuntwoman and Ninja Warrior finalist Jessie Graff to the course.

To be honest, with training in multiple martial arts, gymanstics and pole-vaulting and a serious track record in smashing OCR courses (Jessie was the first woman EVER to complete Stage 1 of the Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Final) we weren't too concerned for her, but even we were stunned by her incredible athleticism and ability in the face of some of our toughest obstacles.

Check out the phenomenal video below.

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Europe’s Toughest Mudder Midlands 2018


The second ever Europe’s Toughest Mudder Midlands took place overnight on Saturday 12th of May at Belvoir Castle. In classic British style it rained heavily in the lead up to midnight start with the 1,000 strong field of athletes trying to stay dry and warm while finalising their preparations with their support crew.