10 Things to Know About Running a Tough Mudder with Coworkers

By TMHQ | October 5, 2017


This blog was written in conjunction with Harness Digital Marketing, winner of the Aflac Small Business Challenge for the month of August.

When it comes to Tough Mudder’s 10 miles of team-oriented obstacles, the strength of one Mudder is nothing compared to the strength of Mudder Nation. On August 26th at Tough Mudder Chicago, Harness Digital Marketing (HDM) took their company’s teamwork model to the next level and learned just that. But as HDM scrambled up the slippery pipe of Pyramid Scheme, plunged into the 10 tons of ice of Arctic Enema 2.0, and kissed mud as they slid through Kiss of Mud, they saw a side (a dirty side) of their coworkers that they never would have witnessed at work.

Here, they share 10 things you need to know about running through 100,000 tons of mud with your coworkers:

 1. Whether Mudder’s are first-timers or legionnaires, arriving solo or with a team, everyone is a little nervous at the start line.

Tough Mudder is probably the toughest event on the planet, after all. When you’re escaping the ordinary, it’s totally normal for your heart to be beating faster than normal. But with no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, and Mudder Nation to help you the whole way, there’s no reason to be too nervous. While some of your coworkers might hide their nerves better than others, the mud can hide it best. So get out there, kiss mud, scale walls, and conquer the mud with the confidence, toughness, and grit your coworkers know you for.

2. In the office sometimes, you have to figuratively carry someone on your back. On course, you will have to literally carry someone on your back during Hero Carry.

For this obstacle, you will grab your cubicle-mate and take turns carrying each other across a quarter mile of course. A little more fun than a work meeting? You bet.

3. That coworker you never thought you’d hear swear? Well, just wait for Arctic Enema…

The Tough Mudder Obstacle Innovation Lab was determined to create the biggest, baddest brain freeze on planet Earth. For this obstacle, Mudders will plunge head-first through a tight, dark tube into the ice-laden water before having to upright themselves and duck back under a barrier to get out the other side. Arctic Enema is more of a mind bender than the work Christmas party. You’re welcome.

 4. Tough Mudder’s full line-up of team-oriented obstacles require a little strategy before you take them on.

Use this as an opportunity to brainstorm as a team. First, figure out how you’re going to push, pull, and roll your way through the 60 feet of slick, rotating barriers of Block Ness Monster. Then rock and roll your way through one of Mudder Nation’s highest-rated obstacles and take teamwork to a whole new level. After, use your strategizing skills to get each coworker over the 10 foot foot-hold-free slanted Skidmarked wall. Just remember: you’re tougher when you’re working and communicating together.

5. At work, there’s nothing better than a coworker who lends a helping hand...

On-course, obstacles like Pyramid Scheme and Berlin Walls will give everyone the opportunity to lend a hand and help others up to new heights.

6. You will learn more about your coworkers as they push themselves beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones than you possibly could during the ordinary grind of work.

You will watch your coworker conquer their fear of heights as they hang from King of Swingers, you’ll see your boss emerge mud-soaked and smiling after Snot Rocket, and you’ll bear witness to your cubicle-mate pushing themselves mentally as they run up Everest 2.0. Just don’t be afraid to let your coworkers see you get down and dirty as you crawl, swim, and lunge through Mud Mile 2.0.

7. You might have to remind your ultra-competitive coworker that Tough Mudder isn’t a race, it’s 10+ miles of teamwork, camaraderie, and toughness.

It’s 10+ miles of mind-bending obstacles that’ll have you and your coworkers hoisting each other over walls, pulling each other through quagmires, and holding hands as you sprint through a field of dangling wires.

8. There are times during the event where you may find it difficult to see a finish line.

But remember your team will be there to push, pull, and carry you through. You started as a team and will earn your headbands as a team. There’s #HeadbandMonday to look forward to, after all.

9. You’ll never regret that post-event flex picture you took with your team.

10. Whatever happens at Tough Mudder won’t stay at Tough Mudder …

You’ll talk about it (and post #tbt Facebook photos about it) for days, months and probably years after.

Are you and your co-workers ready to take your team to the next level? Sign up for an Tough Mudder HERE

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