10 Tough things about Tough Mudder Pittsburgh Ohio Valley

By Melissa Benjamin | August 14, 2014

Nearly half of this challenge takes place on trails, coming out to hit a barrage of classic and brand new Tough Mudder obstacles, then turning back into winding forest paths. Stay on course, beware of velociraptors. 
A Hill-acious Course Route 
It wouldn’t be Ohio Valley without Ohio hills. Mudders will hit nearly 2000ft of elevation change on top of running a 10+ mile course route. At the top, they can enjoy the feeling of sweet victory, a cool breeze, and the realization that they’ve climbed only one of an endless set of steep inclines. 
Hitting the Wall 
There are four sets of walls at Tough Mudder Pittsburgh Ohio Valley, not to mention the one you’ll hit after destroying your legs on all those climbs. One thing is for sure, what comes up must come down, and Mudders will spend plenty of time climbing. 
It’s a Muddy Mess
Some of the deepest, stickiest, thickest mud we’ve ever seen can be found on this course. A handful of them are even dense enough to swallow up the ATVs and Karts that race Powerline regularly. Today, one of the course crew chose the wrong trail and sunk his cart up to his chest in mud. Sadly, he escaped before we could get a picture. 
What you see and what you can’t 
On this course, it’s not only the hilltop views and steep declines, it’s what you can’t see when you’re on the thick, leafy forest trails. It’s hard to tell what’s coming next when you’re in a maze of dirt paths or flowing fields of green or grain. Sometimes, being tough means not knowing what’s around the next corner and never slowing down. 
The Elements
The terrain won’t exactly be your friend here, but for every natural barrier you’re up against, there are two we’ve built to heat things up, stop you cold, and put a little spark in your step. Mother nature will do her part, but Arctic Enema, Electroshock Therapy, and Fire in Your Hole are next in line. 
Highwall Pond
In the back half of this challenge, Mudders will find themselves wading or paddling their way through Highwall Pond, straight into another obstacle. You can cool off, but it’s not a good time for a midday nap, the hardest part of the course is yet to come. 
More Trails 
Powerline Park has over 20 miles of them, and we’re not letting them go to waste. Enough said. 
Swamps, logs, bogs, jogs 
We’ve mentioned the mud, the trails, and the hills, but here’s the next part of the challenge: Don’t slow down. Anyone can go for a pleasant stroll through the forest, but a real mudder to hurdles the tree roots, powers through the muck, hits obstacle after obstacle, and keeps asking for more. 
Fire in YOUR Hole
We’ve made some changes to this Tough Mudder finale obstacle. It’s taller, faster, and the flames are higher. Legionnaires will get to take on this tower at the end of Tough Mudder Pittsburgh Ohio Valley, and first time mudders will get a look at what their future could contain if their mental grit holds out.