10 Ways Motherhood Prepares You for a Tough Mudder

By Erika.Janes | April 26, 2018


You don’t need us to tell you that moms are tough. But if you’re a mama who’s questioning her ability to crush a course, well...set those fears aside. Whether you're starting your Mudder journey with Tough Mudder 5K or taking on Tough Mudder Classic, here are all the ways that motherhood has already prepared you for Tough Mudder.

1. After all the spit-up, snot, poop, and puke you deal with, a little mud is NBD. (My oldest child once vomited in my hair. So yeah, mud...bring it.)

2. You're probably already used to walking around in public in dirty clothes. (Who among us hasn’t discovered some kid-induced mystery crustiness on our shirt or pants hours after putting them on?)

3. Speaking of clothing, cue the snide mom-in-yoga-pants joke here. But really, workout clothing is your jam (even, ahem, if you’re not working out.) OCR gear? You’ve got it covered.

4. Hero Carry is no sweat when you've hauled a flailing, tantruming toddler out of a grocery store.

5. The teamwork ethos of Tough Mudder is nothing new to you: You already know that it takes a tribe to raise a child.

6. All that crawling on the floor looking for lost Lego pieces and Barbie shoes under the sofa is great preparation for the Kiss of Mud obstacle.


7. If you went through childbirth, you’ve already endured at least one epic, physically exhausting (and probably hours-long) event.

8. No time for the gym? No problem. The playground, with its monkey bars, slides, and rings, is the perfect place to train for Tough Mudder obstacles

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9. You and exhaustion? Yeah, you’re BFFs. And pushing through that exhaustion? You’re a pro.

10. Motherhood makes you feel all the feels: uncertainty, anxiety, hope, joy, pride—sometimes all in a 10-minute span. Facing—and conquering—a Tough Mudder obstacle might, too.  


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Erika Janes is a writer, editor, and content strategist who specializes in parenting, health, and lifestyle topics. In addition to overseeing Tough Mudder's blog content, she's written for online publications including Women's Running, Parents, Real Simple, Verywell Family, and The Muse. She's a former collegiate springboard diver, an OCR enthusiast, and a weekend runner. She's also the mom of two mud-running kids.