The 13 Best Tough Mudder Tattoos We've Seen

By Benjamin.Porter | August 1, 2018


Those who are brave enough to conquer a Tough Mudder are instantly welcomed into a fraternity of badass individuals. For some, though, the status of Tough Mudder Legionnaire isn’t enough to commemorate the hard work and dedication that go with training for and completing the event. Some Mudders pledge their allegiance to the Tough Mudder lifestyle by marking their skin, not with mud, but with ink. Here are some of our favorite Tough Mudder tattoos.

1. @LateedaPhoto Instagram

First she left her footprint on the course. Then, she left her footprint on her skin. These tats show incredible detail and nail the Tough Mudder color scheme.

2. @BrownsTattoos Instagram

This badass tattoo not only has the Tough Mudder logo, but the full pledge as well. That’s some serious dedication.

3. @Johnson_In_The_Mud Instagram

Simple, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing. The colors are a nice touch. Oh, and don’t think we didn’t notice your IG handle ;).

4. Fred Boom Boehnke, Facebook

For our friend Fred, every day is #HeadbandMonday.

5. @LeeBlakeJones Instagram

The question is, will Lee keep his head shaved to show off this awesome, hardcore tattoo?

6. @Lyrical_Joke Instagram

#LoveWins every time.

7. @Andrew_Stock10 Instagram

What’s more badass than a Pokemon breathing fire with the Tough Mudder logo in it? We’ll wait…

8. @AngelLifePics Instagram

Yes, indeed.

9. @ImCoolYouDrool Instagram

A tat to match each one of your Tough Mudder headbands? Now that's an awesome way to log your events.

10. @ArtemisTattoos Instagram

The compass, Tough Mudder logo, footprint, and “Overcome All Fear” come together to make the perfect tattoo.

11. @Inkhead101VA Instagram

Is that real dirt? This Mudder will always look fresh off the course.

12. @ImCoolYouDrool Instagram

You have to be a certain level of crazy to do a World’s Toughest Mudder. This Mudder took it a step further and inked it on his skin. We salute you.

13. @5pdrcr Instagram

This man embodies the Tough Mudder spirit and he’ll have the pledge close to his heart wherever he goes. Literally.