14 Quotes That'll Up Your IG Game

By Jonathan Roy | October 26, 2017


Lets face it, you’re obsessed. For you OCR isn’t just some fun thing you do to pass the time on a Saturday. You eat, sleep and breathe it. For you OCR stands for Obsessive Compulsive Runner. Some people say you’re crazy, that you’re weird for having a 50 ft wide mud pit in your back-yard, but you? You want more. More obstacles, more mud, more glory.

There’s only one problem. Your instagram profile only has pictures of your dog. Sure Toby is a cool ass dog, but you need to share your passion for OCR with the world. The solution is simple. First, add bad ass pics of you downing mammoth sized stacks of protein pancakes, and cool sunrise shots to make people jealous of your commitment to toughness. Second, put any of the below quotes from the Tough Mudder tribe in your profile and really let 'em know.

1. “I was limping, covered in mud...but the finish line was only the beginning...Tough Mudder quickly went from a challenge to a lifestyle for me.”- 100x Legionnaire, Jim Campbell

2. “Whats incredible about the Tough Mudder community, is before the race even starts, it's all about teamwork.”- Legionnaire Noah Galloway

3. “Lots of water obstacles along the course...trust me...I got mud in places you shouldn’t.”- Legionnaire Justin

4. “Battered and bruised, but the beer makes it all better.”- Legionnaire Lee

5. “Life’s messy, keep crawling!”- Legionnaire Lisa

6. “If I can be happy sliding through an industrial tube into ice, I can be happy doing anything!”- Legionnaire Caroline

7. “DONE IT. Sunburnt, bruised, and can barely walk but pretty darn proud to be a Tough Mudder legionnaire.”- Legionnaire Rykers

8. “The muscle-ache is fading but the sense of achievement remains!”- Legionnaire Beki

9. “Who on earth wants to jump into ice baths and run through fire and wallow in mud on a Sunday afternoon, just for the hell of it? They asked. My gut feeling was: plenty of people.” - Tough Mudder CEO & Founder, Will Dean

10.“Two key tips: believe in yourself, and find a team.”-MC E-Rock

11. “I don’t want your time, I want your best. You give me your best, because nobody is better than that. You give me that and I’ll see you all at the finish line.”- MC Sean Corvelle

12. “Nervous. Scared. Lost. Have to poop. Please pray your pal Dado makes it thru the 11.5 mile Tough Mudder.” - Legionnaire Dado

13. “Don’t shy away from what’s hard. Every challenge helps you improve. Every failure makes you wise. When faced with an obstacle, go through it. Stay strong team!” -Legionnaire Leo

14. “Another Tough Mudder, Another day of fun, The cider went down well.” -Legionnaire Dom