19 OCR Instagrams You Should Probably Be Following

By Gabrielle Kassel | November 7, 2017


Mammoth stacks of pumpkin protein pancakes? A glorious mud pit in your backyard for Tough Mudder training? A squat rack you painted orange in memory of your first Legionnaire headband? #MCM photos of Hunter Mcintyre and #WCW of Stef Bishop so everyone knows your muddin’ love is unmatched?

Your personal Instagram has it all. To you, these aren’t just pictures, they are the story of your life, an epic testament to your greatest passions, the things you can’t get enough of and want to share with the world. We get it, we’re obsessed too.

That’s why we’re sharing our favorite OCR grams that you should probably be following so your feed is as impassioned, tough, and muddy as your personal insta. Follow these bad boy ‘grams for more obstacles, more mud, more glory.

Tough Mudder 
If you’re not following TMHQ by now, we’ll consider it a complete oversight and forgive you. But if you don’t double tap on our World’s Toughest Mudder ‘grams like it’s your full-time job, don’t expect a follow back.
Hunter Mcintyre    You’re robbing yourself from daily laughs if you haven’t clicked follow on this macho man, or as hashtags on 90% of his photos #ponyboy. You’ll follow for the shirtless pics and stay for the sarcasm.
Ryan Atkins 
This 5 times OCR champ is worth a follow for some mud run motivation. And if we’re lucky we’ll get a glimpse into life with his wife Lindsey and husky dog.
Chad Tram 
If pretty lookin’ scenes are your jam, Chad’s your guy. He doesn’t post often, but his Pacific Northwest sky and mountain pics are totally worth the wait.
Trevor Cichosz  
What he eats, drinks, his view as he trains, his Instagram has it all. Sometimes he even posts photos of his baby. Obviously mud runners make great parents.
Jim “Da Goat” Campbell 
When was the last time you did something for the first time? This guy will remind you get tough with it everyday. Go tough or go home? You bet.
Lindsay Webster 
If you’re as addicted to views, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and high quality images as you are with OCR, then this champ is your next follow. Her Colorado views will make you hate your own, but a Mudder can dream. 
Ryan Kempson  
Give the Coach a follow for some training inspo. ERock may be able to motivate you every Wednesday night, the rest of the time this OCR racer has you covered.
Victor Quezada 
Medals, mud, and mile oh my. This champ has got you covered when it comes to Touhg Mudder finish-line glory-pics.
KC Northup  
Does it get any more badass than a rugby playing, adventuring, elite OCR, iron (wo)man racing, wanna-be ninja? Rhetorical question. KC’s got you covered for training, recovery, and almost-flying inspo.
Sean Corvelle 
Thanks to Instagram, you don't have to wait for the start line to see The Mirrorman. 
Wondering what Coach does when he’s not dancing and cheering and booty shorts? Well, he does a lot  more dancing in booty shorts, or at least according to his gram. 
Stefanie Bishop 
Let’s have a slow round of applause for Stef and her gopro. Her photos are A+ quality, her dedication is inspiring, and her smile is contagious. So click follow and swoon over the blue skies, Colorado mountains, and autumn trees.  
Tuning in from Hawaii, the World’s Toughed Mudder course, the broadcast booth, and Tough Mudder Bootcamp, ERock’s got you from all locals of Tough Mudder. Plus he only wears a shirt 50% of his photos, so there’s that. 
Kayla Kobelin 
Her instagram feed is the toughest ray of light you’ve seen. As in even though she’s smiling in almost all her photos, her complete badassery is indisputable. Good vibes? Hell yeah.
 Nicole Mericle  
She may be a new mudder, but she’s not new to sports, running, or climbing. This pro posts photos that are ⅓ beasting, ⅓ goofing, and ⅓ finish-line glory. If you’re not inspired, you’re not looking.
Allison Tai  
With the bio, “run fast and be nice to people” you can’t go wrong by throwing this Mudder a follow. She doesn’t post often, but when she does it's motivational. So there’s nothing to lose unless you’re watching that following vs. follower count. And life's too short for that.
Amelia Boone  
For some people OCR is a hobby. For others it’s life. Want someone who’s on your same page? Give Amelia a follow for daily training, running, and climbing motivation.
Will Dean  
Haven’t gotten enough of the Tough Mudder founder after reading It Takes A Tribe? Give him a follow for some behind the scenes of TMHQ action.