2018 Is Going to Blow Your Mind - Number 6 is Insane

By TMHQ | February 16, 2018


Last year was swell, it was great, it was a-ok, but this year? 2018? It’s going to get nuts. We’ve come up with an event for everyone and have incredible new locations around the world for Mudders to find their personal bests.

Whatever your jam is; a super-charged party, in a 5K mud run format, or an intense 24 hour race for cash like World’s Toughest Mudder - there’s no denying we’re changing the game in 2018. Still don’t believe us? Look out below.


  1. 1. 5K is here

What was your excuse again? No time to train? Tough Mudder Half is too long? Lucky for you, our 5K is specifically designed to cram all the fun and epic Tough Mudder obstacles into a shorter no-training-necessary distance.



  1. 2. Awesome new obstacles

Our bread and butter is upping our already incredible obstacles year after year, and in 2018 we got really, really f*cking buttery. Kong Infinity is a literal beast coming for you, classic obstacles from our Vault are back, and the massive behemoth of a finisher obstacle Happy Ending (presented by Merrell) is ready to bring everyone together in slippery style.


  1. 3. More events in more places

It’s weekend road trip time. Seriously, get in a car, a plane, a train, a bus, or get walking if you have to because wherever you want to go, we’re already there. Check out the 2018 lineup HERE.


  1. 4. New exotic locations around the globe

Dubai? South Africa? New Zealand? The Moon? Ok, we’re not interstellar yet, but at this rate we might be by 2019.


  1. 5. Social Media Livestreaming on (almost) all courses

Can’t make it to an event, but still want to get inspired by the action? It’s almost impossible to miss out with all the coverage we’re going to have on Facebook live.


  1. 6. Kickass Tough Mudder Pro Team

This group of pro athletes that will inspire you to crush your own goals while they smash the record books with the reckless abandon of legends.


  1. 7. We’re back on CBS and CBS Sports

Love watching the best of the best race to the finish line? Us too. With 3 hours of Tough Mudder X, and 2 hours of the World’s Toughest Mudder on CBS, this year’s coverage is not to be missed.                                                                                                                                


  1. 8. Watch Inspiring Stories on the CW Network

Watch ordinary people overcome fears, challenges, illness, and adversity on and off the course through courage and teamwork. Season 2 airs March 8th online and March 15th on CW Network.


  1. 9. 3+ Million people that’ll have your back, or foot, or hand

As sure as the universe expands, so does Mudder Nation. Step foot on course and you can feel it. This tribe is always there to pull you through, lift you up, inspire you, and have a damn good time doing it.


  1. 10. New training

Train for an event, train for life, it doesn't matter your why is because getting fit with us has never been better than it will be in 2018. Our new downloadable guides and 10 minute workout videos make hitting your fitness goals a foregone conclusion. If you need some help along the way, join our Tough Mudder Training Group, to ask questions and answers from Mudder Nation.