2019: What to Expect On Site

By TMHQ | January 10, 2019


Mudder Nation, are you ready for the most badass year ever? If that’s a “Hells yeah” we’re hearing, well, welcome to Tough Mudder 2019. We’ve made some big changes to the course this year, from returning to our roots to revamping some of our already insane obstacles (and adding to the madness with new ones, natch), and we want to make sure you’ve got the deets you need to be ready to crush your next Tough Mudder event.

Here’s what you can expect on-site at Tough Mudder 2019:

1. TWO Tough Mudder Challenge Series Course Options

We’re keeping the options—but not the actual courses—simple this year, offering Tough Mudder 5K for beginners and Tough Mudder Classic (a return to our original 8-10 mile course) for those ready to take on a bigger, badder physical and mental challenge.

Tough Mudder 5K

3 Mile Loop. 13 Obstacles.

4 new or updated 2019 obstacles on every course.

Tough Mudder Classic

8-10 Mile Loop. 25 Obstacles.

10 new or updated 2019 obstacles on every course.

2. Did we mention insane new obstacles?

Our 2019 obstacles have been revealed, and we’ve given some of your old favorites a makeover (or should that be mud-over?). Get ready to meet your new favorites: The Gauntlet, Spread Eagle, Entrapment, Augustus Gloop 2.0, Leap of Faith and Hydrophobia (exclusive to Tough Mudder Classic); and Mudderhorn, Black Widow, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Tight Squeeze, coming to both Classic and 5K courses.


3. Electroshock Therapy Is Back—at the Finish

There’s nothing like that electric feeling you get when you finish a Tough Mudder—and we mean that literally. Check out our top tips on how to survive Electroshock Therapy—because if you’re tackling the Tough Mudder Classic course, you’ll find this one just before the finish line. Reminder: It’s optional.

4. Level Up Lanes

Crank it up a notch, or take it down a peg—you decide. Whatever your fitness level, you’ll be able to test your toughness like never before with all-new Level Up Lanes, which offer a range of difficulty options at 10 or more obstacles on every Tough Mudder Classic course. Find out which Tough Mudder obstacles will have Level Up Lanes.

5. Solo Runner Waves

No team? No problem. You’ll need a little help from your friends to complete a Tough Mudder, but those friends can be the fellow Mudders you meet on the course. So if you’re signing up solo, join other lone wolves and find your muddy pack with our new Solo Runner Waves.

6. New Mudder Nation Finisher T’s

Look as good as you feel when you finish. (We recommend hosing off first.)

7. NEW Mudder Village Festival

We know an after party is pretty much the best way to celebrate your accomplishment, so this year we’re taking our Mudder Village Festival to the next level. You’ll be able to:

  • Kick back with live entertainment

  • Play epic lawn games 

  • Chow down on some authentic local eats

  • Enjoy your finisher beer—you earned it

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