3 Amazing Tough Mudder Feelings

By Melissa Benjamin | November 12, 2014


All Mudders know that over the course of a single Tough Mudder event day, you're going to feel a million different things. Not all those feelings will be good ones. In 12 miles, you're almost guaranteed to feel scared, overwhlelmed, unsure and tired. No doubt, there will definitely be some lows.

But Mudders also know that there is huge reward to pushing through those lows. You get to feel strong, accomplished and passionate. And that's just the beginning. Here are 3 of our favorite Tough Mudder feelings, illustrated by photos.

1. That feeling when the MC gives you a shout-out at the start line:

2. That feeling when you make it across Funky Monkey for the first time:


3. The feeling when you finally get crowned with the orange headband you've been busting your ass for.