4 Ways To Crush Your Friends Excuses Not To Run

By CameronNorsworthy | January 18, 2018


Mudders know it best: once you finish your first race, you’re guaranteed to crave a second go-around. The endorphins, adrenaline, sweat, and mud blur together, forever memorializing your first Tough Mudder Half as the best, half-toughest way to spend a day. The only thing better than braving Tough Mudder for a second time, would be earning your second Tough Mudder half headband with a friend (or ten). Your friends, though, just aren’t as gung-ho about the whole mud-thing. But that's where you and your excuse-busting, mud-loving, headband-collecting powers come into play. 

That means that yes, if you’ve been trying to convince a friend to take on the course with you, you’ll need to come at their defenses with a strong ass offense. But truth be told, if you can conquer Everest 2.0, The Blockness Monster, and Pyramaid Scheme, you can take your friends yapping. Besides, you know that once they cross after finish line and are muddied up with beer in hand, they’ll be thanking you for that much-needed push. 

Here are 4 ways to crush your friends’ excuses not to a Tough Mudder Half.  

Excuse #1: "I haven’t run a race before...ever."

Enough complaining, Mudder. It's time to lace up your Merrells, throw on your mud-worthy gear, and sign up for your first one, best one. Your first time definetly wasn't boring (it was a little wet, a little sticky, and a lot dirty). So you can bet that their first time definitely won’t be boring, either.

Remind them: This isn’t your family’s Turkey Trot or a mind-numbing 13.1 mile half marathon. This isn't a boring dance class at your local community center or a game of bingo. This isn't even a string of jungle-gym games.

Rather, the Tough Mudder Half is 13 obstacles spread across its five miles... with an ice cold beer at the end.  

Excuse #2: "I haven’t been training."

It just takes 21 days to form a habit, so commit to training together for 3 weeks and the issue’s solved. Whether you opt to go for runs together, lift at the gym, or buddy up for Tough Mudder’s Bootcamp Live, there are plenty of ways to get ready for a race that don’t require fancy equipment and won’t break the bank.  And if your friend is more of a print-them-out-and-do-them kind of athlete, tell them to download the free Tough Mudder Half training guide, which will get them course-ready in four weeks.

Excuse #3: "I'm afraid of heights."

Whether it's Berlin Walls, Pyramaid Scheme, or Ladder to hell... the Tough Mudder Half Course has some heights. But that’s where you come in. Now's your chance to remind your friend that you and the rest of Mudder Nation will be ready and willing to hoist them up, cheer them on, and celebrate their victories. The community around a Tough Mudder Half is like no other, so prep your friend to meet tons of first-timers and Legionnaires who will become lifelong teammates.

And if you get them on course and they're still quaking with nerves, just remind them that there’s no penalty for skipping an obstacle in the Half.

Excuse # 4: "I don't like to get dirty. Or Mudder." 

If you hear this excuse, it's time for some tough love. Bring out your Tough Mudder scrapbook, bring up the Tough Mudder Facebook or Instagram page, and show your friend just how fun the mud can be. 

And if that doesn't work, buy them some high quality laundry detergent.