5 Reasons Mudder Nation is Tougher Together

By TMHQ | January 24, 2018


In 2018 we're going old school, returning to our roots and remembering what got us here in the first place: community.

It sounds simple, but we do better when we work together and that's as true out in the real world, as it is on the obstacle course.

Not sold on the idea? Here are five ways in which Mudder Nation is Tougher Together.

1. Teamwork and Camaraderie

No Mudder is an island. You might start out alone but you'll need the hands of other Mudders to get you over the Block Ness Monster, though Mud Mile 2.0 and up Everest.  

If you ask anyone who covered in mud, has just collected their headband what the best thing about completing the course is, they'll tell you it's the atmosphere and Mudder spirit.

2. Inspiration and Motivation

Getting ordinary people to do extraordinary things has always been our goal, but one thing that surprises even us about Mudder Nation is the number of incredible people we continue to meet on course. Whether it's Josh Landmann being helped up Everest by a team of strangers, or Josh McEntee who completed the course despite his blindness - inspiration is never in short supply.

But it's not just these standout stories that warm our hearts. Taking part in Tough Mudder is all about challenging yourself, whether that means pushing your body to extremes and running a 24 hour race, or simply lacing up the pair of trainers that haven't been touched for years and getting outside

3. Part of the Tribe

If you've ever in another country miles from your own and seen someone wearing a Tough Mudder finisher t-shirt you'll understand what we mean when we say we've created a global tribe.

Mudders are everywhere, wearing headbands, donning t-shirts, sporting bumper stickers and spreading Mudder values. When you know you can go anywhere and immediately recognise someone you have a shared experience with the world becomes a much friendlier place.

4 Team Rubicon

Tough Mudder’s official US charity partner is Team Rubicon, the only nonprofit disaster response organization that mobilizes military veterans to support communities devastated by natural disasters. They deliver disaster response services to mitigate hazards, clear dangerous debris and provide emergency home repair. By tapping into the valuable skills of veterans and giving them an opportunity to continue their service, Team Rubicon fosters a newfound sense of purpose, community and identity.

We're united by a shared vision: harness the power of teamwork and community to tackle life’s challenges head on. We’re committed to making an incredible impact in the world, and our partnership extends beyond the course.

5. Happy Ending

This year we want to go further than just saying we're Tougher Together, we want to live it.

This was the inspiration behind the brand new, gigantic finisher obstacle Happy Ending. It will see participants from every format from the Half to Toughest come together to help eachother overcome one last hurdle and achieve the all important headband.