5 Reasons Why Volunteering at a Tough Mudder is Straight Awesomeness

By Corey Maillette | June 24, 2016

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Tough Mudder Volunteers. They’re the friendly faces donning orange T’s along the course, boasting smiling faces, serving up encouraging words, and reminding you that pain is temporary, but the glory of sporting your orange finisher headband will last a lifetime.


There are a slew of perks to being a Tough Mudder volunteer. If you don’t know them read on to find out why it’s straight awesomeness.

Serious Perks

You can run for as little as $20/£15/20 Euro if you volunteer with us. You get a unique, volunteer only t-shirt & hat. You even get a free beer in NA & Aus (if of legal drinking age) and camping in the UK. We’re basically like a muddy Oprah show with all the stuff you get.

Muddy Hugs and High 5’s 

Who doesn’t want those? Get ready for thousands of Mudders to give you that warm muddy embrace, or at the very least a messy high five.

Make new friends

Tough Mudder is about teamwork and camaraderie. Who knows, maybe you’ll all run together using your newly earned discount.

Change People's Lives

That’s right, helping Mudders face fears, overcome challenges and cross the finish line is a life changing experience not only for them, but for you too. 

Sneak Peek

Not sure you are ready, or just want to see what this is all about? Check it out before you run. You can sign up for a number of different roles including: checking participants in on the morning of, manning an obstacle and motivating Mudders to overcome their fears and of course, putting that well-earned headband on them when they come through the finish arch.