5 Steps to Building Your Dream Tough Mudder Team

By paul mudge | March 15, 2017


Step 1. Team Size

Once you’ve recruited one mate, you’ve got a team. And there’s no cap on how many people you can have it your team. But don’t fret if you only have a few or even on your own – you’ll find an army of teammates on course at any TM event.  There is no perfect team size. So, consider it a challenge! The bigger, the better.

Step 2. Team Name

Get creative... Every year we see “Tough Mothers” and “Brothers in Mud” but we know you can do better than that.

Take inspiration from some of our all-time faves:

  • How I Met Your Mudder
  • Mud Life Crisis
  • Fifty Shades of Brown
  • Cunning Stunts
  • Sparkly Unicorns Chafing The Dream

Step 3. Recruitment

Key to making your Tough Mudder experience as memorable as possible is all about the people you choose to help hoist your muddy ass over a 2m high wall.

Grab your mates, colleagues, gym buddies, Mum, Dad, Grandma, sister, cousin-in-law and neighbour. Most importantly you want teammates with the right attitude, we recommend asking everyone on your team to recite the Tough Mudder pledge.

• Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge

• I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time

• I do not whine, kids whine

• I help my fellow Mudders complete the course

• I overcome all fears

Struggling to get your mates to commit? Drag your friend's excuses through the mud. Inspire them to join you with one of these Tough eCards.

Step 4. Training

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to earn the orange headband but that doesn't give you an excuse not to train. We just want to make sure you’re there to help your teammates when they need it most.

Download the official Virgin Active Tough Mudder training programs here, organize a training session with your team, and be sure to mix it up with outdoor sessions, runs, obstacle training plus fun activities like rock climbing, indoor trampolining and surfing.

Step 5. Get kitted out

Legit question: What do I wear to a Tough Mudder?

Let’s start with the shoes. Custom made for Tough Mudder, the new Merrell performance shoe has just made TM easier in this athletic, low trainer. Fabric, mesh, and a UniFly™ midsole combine for rugged performance on mud-covered Tough Mudder courses. Plus they clean up easily for your next adventure. They'll be launching in April so check them out at merrellaustralia.com.au

Take it from us, you’ll probably want to wear tights or compression bottoms that will help keep you dry, warm, and protect your knees. They’ll also keep mud from getting into places where the sun don’t shine. No one wants that.

On top, kit the team out in matching tops, for maximum team camaraderie, and it’ll also help you identify your teammates when they’re inch deep in mud.

Or if you’re feeling really creative, we love costumes.

Check out these legends.

Riding solo?

Never fear, plenty of people arrive at Tough Mudder alone, and leave with a bunch of new mates. There’s nothing like getting down and dirty together to forge friendships. Or you can join an existing team here.

The best wolf packs are those created on a Tough Mudder course.

Any questions about the registration process, read more here.

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