5 Things I Learned Using Tough Mudder To Fundraise

By TMHQ | September 5, 2017


There’s nothing more inspiring than a Mudder who braves 10+ miles of mud and obstacles for charity. Sean Peacocke is one of the many Legionnaires who slogs through the mud of Mud Mile 2.0, shimmies under the barbed wire of Kiss of Mud 2.0, and braves the murky water of Snot Rocket for a cause.

As the manager of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Sean uses Tough Mudder’s to fundraise for Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital which specialized programs to help kids with disabilities smile, laugh, learn and heal through specialized programs and clinical care. When he completed the Toronto Tough Mudder in August, he raised over $1,500 for the hospital’s Foundation. (To find out more about the Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital and Foundation, visit the official website.)

We caught up with Sean after the event to see what he learned using Tough Mudder to fundraise. Here’s what he had to say.  

1. I Could Raise Money and Complete an OCR At The Same Time

I’m not one to shy away from a challenge and I’ve always wanted to do an obstacle race, but for whatever reason I’d never hit that big orange ‘REGISTER’ button and committed to 10 muddy miles.

I got the push I needed to sign up when I found out that I could support Holland Bloorview by taking part in Tough Mudder Toronto. Running for charity was a great opportunity for me to tick off an item on my bucket list while raising money for the Rehabilitation Hospital that I work for at the same time.

2. When It Comes To Raising Awareness, Standing Out Works

As soon as I spread the word that I was going to do a Tough Mudder for charity, I was amazed by how generous everyone was. People really do dig deep when you’re getting muddy (and electrocuted) for a good cause.

Then, when I promised to dye my hair green to match Holland Bloorview’s colours, even more donations came it. Even if the green was mostly covered in mud by the third obstacle, the hairdo made me stand out on event day, which helped me spread the word and increase awareness about the work of Holland Bloorview.

3. Teamwork Is The Key To Success On Course

I’d heard stories about the camaraderie at Tough Mudder events, and as we recited the Tough Mudder pledge at the start line, I wondered if those tales of teamwork and selflessness were true.

They were. People I’d never met were extending their arms (and legs and shoulders) to help me through and over obstacles like Everest 2.0 and Pyramid Scheme. I returned the favor, going out my way to help complete strangers battle their way through Mud Mile and Quagmire. I did things I never thought I could because of the support of Mudder Nation. It made all the difference.

4. The Pride Is Worth The Pain

I’ll admit it - when I reached Electroshock Therapy, I froze. Standing before me was a pit of mud, writhing with hundreds of wires. My turn to run through came around all too quickly, and as I ran the guantlet the wires I hit took my breath away.

But then it was over, and the elation and pride hit me. I was so satisfied to have completed the course, and to have raised money for the Rehabilitation Hospital at the same time. I know that every dollar I raised will go towards supporting kids with disabilities, which makes every muddy mile, tough obstacle, and shock all worthwhile.  

5. When It Comes To Fundraising, There’s A Domino Effect

Now that I’ve walked the walk and conquered Tough Mudder, so many people I know have been inspired to sign up and raise money for charity. Holland Bloorview has been doing a great job of reaching out to staff and looking for more ways give back. It’s a domino effect I wasn’t expecting. I’m glad that my achievement will drive even more fundraising.

Feeling inspired? Visit the official Tough Mudder charity listings and sign up to support a cause close to your heart.