5 Things We Want You to Know about Water and Terrain on our Courses

By TMHQ | May 7, 2014


Mudders, we've recently been in the news following a report about illnesses that related to the water and terrain of the course in Las Vegas in 2012. We want to take a moment to tell you about our work to minimize risk at every one of our events.

First though, we want to be transparent and real with you about what we do. We put on events in natural, rugged and remote settings to challenge people’s physical and mental strength. Tough Mudder is not, and never will be, for the faint of heart. Any mass-participation event of this size and nature comes with risks, but safety is our number one priority.

We are committed to putting on the best events each weekend because we love and believe in the experience -- and frankly, we know you guys wouldn't come back if we didn't. So, to address some of the points raised in the report, here are the 5 things we want you to know about water (and mud) on our courses:

1. As the report indicates, outbreaks of this nature are extremely rare. More than 1.5 million Mudders have run a Tough Mudder course; this issue is highly isolated.

2. We truck in thousands of gallons of freshwater to courses for the water obstacles, and continue to explore options to test and treat water on site to minimize the risk of waterborne contaminants.

3. We consult with industry experts on water safety to ensure that our operations and courses are as safe as possible.

4. We work closely with venue owners, local CDCs and community leaders to take every possible effort to prevent contamination in any form from nearby land or businesses.

5. While we take all measures to prevent the risk for waterborne outbreaks, we work to make the risks involved with these open terrain courses as clear as possible.

 Mud is a part of who we are, so it is not going to go away. It comes with its own set of challenges for all of us. We work tirelessly to put on great events, and your safety is paramount. We are confident that the right procedures and measures are in place to ensure our Mudders have the best experience possible. The only things we want you to leave with are great memories, the possessions you came with and your headband. And remember, when you come back next year, we will be right there in the mud with you.