5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Running a Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | May 24, 2017


Tough Mudder is a big deal. Over 3 million people have slapped on the warpaint since 2010. You’ve probably heard the stories…

If you haven’t, allow us to let you in on a little secret (or 5). Here’s what they never tell you about Tough Mudder.

It’s More Than Running Through Insane Obstacles

The obstacles are just one part of your Mudder experience. Arctic Enema is pretty cool, but it’s the people that make it. Your Mudder buddies are a great bunch of people. They make cozying up to Kiss of Mud worth every cent.

Then there’s running for charity. Summiting Everest for a cause you love is an incredible feeling. It isn’t just a proud moment for you, but for your charity too.

Speed is Not The Key

We don’t believe in clock watching (unless you’re running in the Competitive Series on a #QuestForTheGrail). Tough Mudder isn’t like other runs, your finishing time isn’t top priority - fun is. Demonstrating courageous acts of strength and lending a hand to your fellow Mudders is what really counts.

If you’re determined to outshine others, you’re at the wrong event. At Tough Mudder, camaraderie and being a team player is so much more impressive than speed.

There can be thousands in your team

Your Tough Mudder team can be hundreds if not thousands-strong if you do it for a cause you care about. Everyone loves a Mudder running for charity, and we mean everyone. Not only have you got the guts to take on 20+ of the world’s toughest obstacles, but you’re doing it for the good of others, and that’s truly awesome.

And to top it off, your charity will be behind you 100 percent, providing whatever support they can, when they can.

Tough Mudder has no age limit

You think Tough Mudder’s reserved for twenty-somethings? Tell that to our oldest ever Mudder, who showed our obstacles who’s boss at the age of 82. He didn’t let a number stop him from taking on 500,000 gallons of grade-A mud, and neither should you. With grit and determination that headband is yours.

You may need tape…

Don’t wear your best pair of running shoes to Tough Mudder. They will get battered by the elements. If you don’t want your shoes to be swallowed up by Shawshanked or abandoned in Electroshock Therapy, make smart footwear choices. Some Mudders tape-up their shoes to avoid any unexpected Cinderella moments.

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