5 Ways To Prepare Yourself to Run Tough Mudder For Charity

By TMHQ | October 10, 2017


Every good Mudder knows greatness isn’t achieved overnight. It’s achieved by respecting the challenge ahead, preparing right and readying for the grit. Gearing up for greatness is also key to fundraising for a cause you care about when you take on Tough Mudder. Follow these 5 tips before plunging into Arctic Enema, braving the murky waters of Snot Rocket, and going balls to the wall on well, Balls To The Wall.

1. Go With Your Heart

As a Mudder, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing charities to fundraise for at your next event. Every Mudder running for a cause, makes makes a real difference. But it’s the mud-lovers who support a charity close to their hearts who raise the most.

Fundraising for a cause that has affected you, a family member or close friend gives an authentic edge to your journey. Passion will radiate from you every time you tell someone about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and you’ll soon discover that people donate way more than they would normally.

Plus, it’ll give you an extra dose of motivation during your training and on the big day. You won’t quit, because you know all too well what your support means.

2. Recruit Your Tribe

Tough Mudder is built on on the foundation of an unbreakable community spirit. Teamwork and camaraderie are the lifeblood of Mudder Nation. The Tough Mudder ethos reminds first-timers and Legionnaires alike that it’s okay to ask for help, and that lending a hand is key to accomplishing something extraordinary.

As a fundraiser, both in and out of the mud, it’s those around you who will help you truly crush your fundraising target. Recruit your family and friends to help you spread the word about your efforts and support you every step of the way. Who knows, they might even be inspired to the brave the mud with you. But either way, be sure to invite them along on event day to show some support and help raise awareness of your cause.

3. Think Outside The Box

Tough Mudder isn’t about being normal. It’s about working together to achieve the extraordinary. With 20+ obstacles like The Block Ness Monster, Augustus Gloop, and Electroshock Therapy, Tough Mudder stands out amongst other events, so your fundraising should stand out, too.

Bake sales are all well and good, but they don’t have the same pizzazz of 100,000 tons of mud. Your fundraising tacts should be as unforgettable as your first Tough Mudder and as impossible to ignore as a mud-covered Mudder gettin’ grub after the event.

So, if you and your friends are all obsessed with a TV show (Games of Throne, anyone?), why not invite them ‘round for a season premier party where everyone dresses up as a character and makes a donation? Plus costumes on event day are always a big hit with supporters to- the more unique the better- so consider this your custome dress rehearsal.

4. Learn To Practice Gratitude

When someone parts with their hard-earned cash to support your cause, a quick ‘thank you’ is the least you can do. The money your supporters donate will literally change lives, after all, and that deserves recognition. A quick thumbs up emoji on their Facebook page doesn’t quite cut it. Instead, take the time out of your day to thank them properly with a handwritten letter. If it was good enough for your grandparents, you can bet your mud lovin’ ass it’s good enough for you.

Connecting with each and every supporter will bring you even closer to your cause, reminding you why you’re taking on this challenge. Remembering what that means to you will make all the difference when you’re face to face with the obstacles like Electroshock Therapy and Pyramid where mental toughness is just as important as physical stamina.

5. Train Like You Mean It

Tough Mudder is fun, but it’s also probably the toughest event on the planet. With 10 miles of shoe grabbin’, muscle burnin’ mud and 20+ obstacles with names like Snot Rocket, Shawshanked, and Birth Canal, the course will push you to your limit.

As a fundraiser, you have an extra obligation to give this your all - your supporters haven’t donated to see a half-hearted attempt at achieving greatness, after all.

Luckily we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the tips you need to train tough and work out smart in our official training center. It’s never too early to start training, so show the course and your cause the respect they deserve by starting your preparations today.

Now that you know how to prep, it’s time to pick a cause and start your challenge for charity. Click HERE to get started.