5 Ways to Raise Funds Effectively

By TMHQ | March 14, 2017


Everybody works in different ways, we get it. Fundraising is no different. But just in case you need a hand, we caught up with some of our official charity partners to find out their top fundraising tips.

Here’s a list of the top five methods to lead you to fundraising glory.

1. Test your A-game

The American Cancer Society thinks “challenging each other” is a great way to fundraise. We agree - Tough Mudder is all about camaraderie and pushing each other to new heights. What better way to prepare than with a little healthy competition in the office? Put your A-game to the test with an office-wide tug of war, or company olympic games before the big day.

2. Don’t bake for charity

We’re all busy enough as it is without having to bake to raise money for charity. The American Diabetes Association came up with the idea of having a “no bake sale”. People will donate so that they don't have to bake. Genius.

3. Ditch your bad habits

Cutting out one of your vices will not only help you fundraise, but it could also help you reach peak fitness before you take on Tough Mudder. That's why Worldwide Wildlife Foundation’s suggestion to “give up a bad habit” made it into our top five. Why not try giving up that daily candy bar, or those after work drinks you’re so fond of before your Tough Mudder?

4. Show your creative side

Heifer International think the best way to fundraise is to “get creative”. Let your determination to take on Tough Mudder inspire you to create something people would pay for. Paint a picture, make something, bake something, it's up to you.

5. Make it a special occasion

The final tip on our list is to “recognize a special occasion”. Save the Children suggest a bit of selflessness - it goes a long way. Rather than receiving gifts, ask for donations. You’ll be a stronger Mudder for it.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to tackle a Tough Mudder for charity, check out our charity listings and choose your cause.