7 Big Changes We’re Bringing in 2020

By TMHQ | October 22, 2019


As Tough Mudder comes up on our 10 year anniversary, we’re reflecting on our origins and the values that started it all.

Before the seeds for Tough Mudder were planted, it started with an idea. The company’s founder was mid-triathlon and found himself in a tricky position when a zipper jammed. Despite repeated asks for help, no other participant would stop, solely focused on their own achievement. That experience sparked an idea that grew into the teamwork-focused challenges we love today. 

Much has happened in the time since the initial days of Tough Mudder. But what hasn’t changed is our vision to bring inclusive teamwork challenges to an industry that previously had focused on the fastest, fittest, and first competitors. We’re proud to have been the catalyst that created the boom of obstacle course challenges we see today. 

In the past 10 years, our industry has changed greatly.

Copycats and competitors rushed in, offering lesser experiences at lower prices. Many of those companies have come and gone. But across the industry, the race for lower prices (and thus lower costs) has led to constant sales and promotions—and a lack of focus on customer service and clear communication.

In 2019 we went back to our roots and heavily invested in the on-site experience. We brought new obstacles on challenging courses, with great enhancements to the festival, all supported by a bigger-than-ever slate of partners. At our foundation, Tough Mudder is an experience company—and we’re inspired every day by our incredible community around the world.

In 2020, we’re making a firm commitment to best-in-class customer experience. You should expect to receive the same high-quality experience pre-event as you do on the course.  Here are just a few ways we plan to achieve that.

1. Transparent Ticket Pricing

Like most in the OCR industry, we’ve had a confusing mix of high prices with steep discounts, promotions, and sales that left you wondering if you were getting the best price. Starting now, pricing will be transparent; what you see on the website is what you’ll pay, and we’ll publish the schedule of when prices will increase so you can decide when to buy. No more monthly promotions—but you may find a surprise sale at a few key moments throughout the year (lookin’ at you, Black Friday).

2. Add-Ons

We’ve heard your feedback about the additional costs involved in doing a Tough Mudder. In the U.S. and Canada, gear check is now $5 (when purchased online) and Mudder Village passes for your spectators are $10 (when purchased online) and $15 (on-site). Mini Mudder will also be $10 (online) and $15 (on-site). Be on the lookout for special offers around season passes for parking and gear check to launch in the coming week. 

3. Customer-Focused Policies

We’ve outlined a revised set of customer policies to better accommodate you when life gets in the way. A few headlines:

-Refunds: A new, no questions asked, 48-hour window to request a refund after purchase.
-Transfers: Flat $15 transfer fees to transfer your ticket to another person or a future event, without the impact of the price difference. Learn more about the details here

4. The Best Team in the Business

For over six years, the front line of our customer service response has been outsourced to a third-party company, which meant that you may have dealt with an auto-responder and three different people to solve your problem. Beginning in January, we’re bringing all of our customer service in-house as full-time TMHQ team members. In most cases, the first person you talk to will be able to resolve your issue in one email. Be on the lookout for the launch of phone-based service, Facebook and Instagram chat, and other tools to better help you have a frictionless experience.

5. Start Times

We’re developing a more transparent process for start time selection and assignment, which we’re aiming to launch in Q1 2020. Stay tuned for updates on a more straightforward system that will allow you to select your start time when you buy your ticket. 

6. New ToughMudder.com

Later this fall, we’ll be launching a brand new website with improved navigation, detailed event information, and a platform to highlight all the great content created by our community.

7. New Ambassador Program

Tough Mudder Ambassadors embody our values of teamwork, courage, and personal accomplishment, and they support our community in so many ways. The new program expands the focus beyond recruiting, and we’ve opened 500 slots for 2020 Ambassadors. Apply here.

Our mission for 2020? Deliver the best customer experience in the events industry, on and off the course.  It’s been an incredible 2019 season, and we can’t wait to see you in the mud next year.