7 Minute Workout: Full Body Circuit Training

By TMHQ | March 7, 2019


Got 7 minutes? Yeah, we thought so—so we've got the high intensity workout for you. Watch as Tough Mudder Bootcamp's Program Director Eric "ERock" Botsford demonstrates a full-body, 7 minute workout that will boost your metabolism, tone your body, and get you fit for your 2019 Tough Mudder. This power workout consists of two 3-minute circuits (with one minute of rest in between) of 3 exercises each, in a 3-6-9 repetition format to get your heart rate up and your body strong. Join in:

7 Minute Workout


*Box Jumps (modification: Step Ups)

*V Ups (modification: Knee Tuck)

*Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (or Kettlebell Clean and Press)

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