7 Reasons To Run Tough Mudder 5K in Nashville

By TMHQ | July 25, 2017


Tough Mudder 5K is not your average fun run. With 10 signature teamwork obstacles crammed into 3 wild miles, this Tough Mudder event is all the tough with none of the mud. There’s no timing chips or first-place medals here -- it’s a new breed of 5K in Nashville’s most iconic venues: Nissan Stadium.

Here are 7 reasons why Tough Mudder 5K will be your best weekend of Summer.

1. Nashville is Awesome

There are few cities climbing up the destination list at the speed of Nashville. Between the pro sports scene, the country music atmosphere, and the entertaining nightlife, the Music City is where it’s at. Which is why Tough Mudder chose downtown Nashville to host the first-ever Tough Mudder 5K event on August 12.

Shawn Booth, Season 11 winner on The Bachelorette, calls the Music City home and will be participating in Tough Mudder 5K – which makes him the ideal tour guide for those traveling near and far to take on the challenge. Shawn has always known how much Nashville has to offer. “Right now, Nashville is just absolutely crazy and growing. There’s so much energy here. Every day of the week, you can go downtown and see people out having a good time” he said. “People have a blast when they come here. It’s place where you could host any event and it would be awesome.”

2. The Obstacles Are Badass

With some of the best obstacles on the Tough Mudder menu making an appearance, this 5K promises to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You’ll get vertical on Everest 2.0 as you sprint up a slick quarter pipe, then reach for your teammates who are waiting to pull you up and over the wall. You’ll lend a helping hand (or shoulder, or leg, or head) on Pyramid Scheme as you work together to form a human pyramid that your fellow mudders can climb. You’ll be (nearly) pinned down by a giant cargo net as you crawl forward with the help of your teammates on Devil’s Beard. And you’ll even swing your way to success on Ape Shit.

3. The Venue Is Iconic

Not only do you get to scale walls, swing on monkey bars, and lug weights on course. You get to do it at Nissan Stadium, home of the Titans. “I think a lot of Titans fans are going to enjoy that. Even if you’re not a Titans fan, it’s going to be cool doing a Tough Mudder at an NFL stadium. That’s not an opportunity you get very often” says Shawn.

4. You’ll Become Part of Mudder Nation

If you’re planning on tackling the 5K earbuds in, head down, think again. Whether you arrive to the event solo or with a team, you’ll experience the camaraderie and sportsmanship that make all Tough Mudder events so special. And as you cross the finish line, you’ll become a member of the biggest, baddest team on planet: Mudder Nation.

5. The Food is Tops

When it comes to post-5K fuel, there is no shortage of options just blocks away from the downtown venue. Celebrate with BBQ on Broadway, indulge in crispy chicken right across the street at Pinewood Social, or hit up M Street for a slew of joints with the vibes you’ll be craving post-event.

If you’re in the early heat and your stomach is screaming for brunch with your cross-line finish, check out The Tavern, Shawn’s favorite brunch spot in the city. Or if you’re like Shawn and want to feast on a burger post-run, check out Paradise Park for the ultimate all-American burger-experience.

6. The Bar Scene is Wild

When it comes to destination runs, Nashville is as wild as it gets. With tons of day-drinking spots decorating the streets across from the TM venue and people with good attitudes looking to make memories and have fun, make sure you reserve a night for walking along Broadway. You might catch Shawn celebrating the 5K finish with his crew at Honky Tonk Central, a wild 3 story bar with live music. The party will be in full swing, the honky tonks will be happening, and you won’t be able to tell for sure whether you’re in Vegas or Nashville.

7. You’ll Get a Sneak Peak For Tough Mudder Half and Full

Once you  finish the wild 3-mile ride that is Tough Mudder 5K, and claim you’re first headband, you’ll be hungry for more: more toughness, more mud, more obstacles. While you’re basking in the feeling of another event well-run, you’ll already be lining up for your next challenge. Good thing that on September 16th and 17th Tough Mudder will meet Nashville for a second time with the Tough Mudder Half and Tough Mudder Full. You’ll get the itch after you finish the 5K, trust us.