7 Resolutions A Mudder Should Make

By TMHQ | December 5, 2018


Your friends and family might be posting about “cutting sugar” and “losing pounds,” but you’ve got different goals for the new year. If your sights are set on upping your Tough Mudder game, a plan of action is key to making it happen for you in 2019. Focus on consistency in your training, adequate food and fuel, and a tougher than thou mindset shift to make this year the best yet.

1. Take It One Step At A Time

First things first, take it easy on yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in one, static workout routine, but bodies crave variation (or else you run the risk of plateauing). Do yourself a favor and work something low-impact into your week: try some yoga, pilates, or maybe even take a barre class. You’ll likely introduce some balance into your life (quite literally) and keep your body limber and less injury-prone. Slow and steady wins the race.

2. Train Consistently With Tough Mudder Bootcamp

Come the first week of January, you and everyone you know will be hitting the gym with a newfound sense of dedication that, let’s be real here, will probably dip by mid-February. Getting yourself to the gym in winter is excruciating, so why not keep your training consistent from the comfort of your home? Check out our videos and training guides, or visit a Tough Mudder Bootcamp for our full-body workouts designed with your obstacles in mind. Commit to these workouts, and your 2019 fitness goals won’t know what hit ‘em.

3. Keep It Simple & Fuel Up With Whole Foods

Whether you’re thinking about opting for paleo-based reset, some crazy-extreme juice cleanse, or want to try keto on for size, there’s one nutrition trend that everyone can get behind: whole foods. Keeping your diet simple and focusing on eating stuff you can name rather than artificial add-ins is the easiest way to stay on track with healthy eating. 2019 is the year we're saying "cya" to chemicals. Sticking to these tried-and-true Tough Mudder staples will give you all the energy that you need to work hard and build muscle.

4. Crush The Obstacle That Terrifies You

Looking for new obstacles? Look no further. With the 2019 season coming up, there's more opportunity to challenge yourself with new or updated obstacles like Black WidowLeap of Faith, and Hydrophobia. Ditch the negative thinking and get affirmative; if you let an obstacle intimidate you, it’s already won. Courses are meant to be challenging—the race would be boring if you had everything in the bag. So switch your mindset, and write up an action plan to make steady progress in the weeks leading up to your event. Excited for what's to come? Check out the 2019 Obstacles coming your way

5. Travel To A New Tough Mudder Destination

Not sure what city (or country) deserves to top your travel list in 2019? Go online, find an event, and commit right now. Where else would you want to climb a Berlin Wall but Germany? Australia’s supposed to be nice in May, so why not mosey down under to South East Queensland for a Toughest Mudder?  

6. Register For An Event That Freaks You Out

Change doesn’t come from comfort zones. If you’ve mastered a 5K, try our upgraded version or even the Classic. Trying to introduce a little tenacity into your 2019? Seek out a race in the competitive series. Even if you’ve never “competed” a day in your life, Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder, and World’s Toughest Mudder are just challenges that you haven’t accepted yet.

7. Make It Big On TV

This goal goes hand in hand with the larger goal of tackling a World’s Toughest Mudder. Another motivator to take on the course? You might be able to make your mother proud with your TV debut. CBS and CBS Sports aired 2018's showdown this month, so if you want to make it happen for next year, get your game face on, train hard, and learn from the mud-lovin' greats before you who have already mastered the challenge.  


Can't wait to register for your next Tough Mudder? Check out the 2019 Tough Mudder schedule.