8 Reasons Why the Mudder Village Festival Will Be Epic

By Jonathan Roy | January 23, 2019


Tough Mudder is famous for its limits-pushing courses packed with insane obstacles, copious amounts of mud, and legendary teamwork. But the action doesn’t stop on the course. In 2019 we’re rewriting history with an all new Mudder Village Festival that’s gonna be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Check out what we’ve got in store for you and get ready to get your belly full, head bobbin’, and mind blown.

1. Mouthwatering Local Food
Whether you’re tackling the course or spectating there’s no way you’ll be able to resist diving into some of the delicious and authentic local food available for purchase. Your taste buds are gonna thank you for this one.

2. FREE Frosty Cold Beer
According to our super-scientific research there’s no better way to celebrate earning your headband than with an ice cold brew (or three). Every participant and spectator ticket comes with one free beer, so head on over to our Mudder Village bar with your crew and get yours—you earned it.

3. Killer Live Entertainment
What’s a festival without amazing tunes? We don’t know, and we don’t want to find out. That’s why we’re bringing the house down with a live DJ and post-course party MC so good the neighbors are gonna want to call the cops.

4. The Best Seats in the House
Spectators, grab a seat, get inspired, and get some laughs watching Mudders tackle world class obstacles right from the comfort of Mudder Village.

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5. Epic Lawn Games
Team up, throw down, and have a blast taking on other Mudders in classic lawn games. (Cornhole, we're lookin' at you.)

6. Big-Time Challenges
No Tough Mudder event would be complete without multiple chances for you to show us what you’ve got. That’s why we’re bringing challenges like Pop n’ Lock, Human Hamster Wheel, and other unique challenges only Tough Mudder knows how to deliver.

7. Incredible Giveaways
It's everyone’s favorite: free stuff. You read that right—this year we're gonna have giveaways throughout the day in Mudder Village. So grab a beer and hang out, and you just may win big.

8. It’s All About The Tribe
At the end of the day the one thing that sets the Mudder Village festival apart is our badass tribe of Mudders who can drink, eat, and party better than any other people on the planet.

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