9 High-Protein Snacks You Can Take On the Go

By Dana Baardsen | August 15, 2018


Whether you’re in the middle of hardcore training or gearing up for Tough Mudder event day, it’s a smart choice to have some easy-to-grab, high-protein snacks on hand. Plus, if you’re the type to meal prep on Sundays (or any day), thinking ahead and prepping your high-protein snack supply will leave you thanking yourself throughout the week.

How do you know if a snack is high in protein? Look for a nosh that has more than 5g of protein per serving. And remember: While the average person doesn’t really have to worry about not getting enough protein, protein is a source of fuel (second only to carbs), and it offers a longer-lasting supply of energy, which is why most Mudders can benefit from upping their average protein intake.

So, if you want to incorporate a few high-protein snacks into your balanced diet, here are a few ideas to start: 

Jack Link’s Steak Bar (8g): Jerky marries protein bar in this tasty snack that you’ll want to stock up on. If you’re a fan of flavor, jerky-based sources of protein like this 100 % steak bar will provide a satisfying fix—with no need to have to choose between protein, great taste, and real ingredients. (Plus, it's a super-hearty snack but only 70 calories.) Best of all, there's no prep needed—just grab and go.

20 Almonds (6g): Almonds, similar to hard-boiled eggs, will provide you with a healthy dose of protein along with other natural nutrients. During your meal prep, place 20 almonds in different reusable baggies (or small containers) so you can grab a nourishing amount when you’re on the go.

Hard-Boiled Egg (6g): This classic go-to snack is an easy way to nourish yourself with not only protein, but other natural nutrients that your active body will crave. Toss half a dozen in a pot of boiling water at the start of the week and grab one when you need a boost.

Chobani Greek Yogurt (12g): Really, any Greek yogurt will do since Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt, but the Chobani cups make it a seamless process to grab and go. If you choose to get a larger container of greek yogurt, stir in a drizzle of honey to enhance the flavor and create a fluffy texture when you’re ready for a snack.

Thin-Sliced Turkey Roll-Ups (10g): This simple snack is too easy to make. Simply grab two slices of thin-sliced turkey breast (deli meat-style) and just roll them up. You can meal prep several roll-ups at the start of the week and store them in the refrigerator.

Quest Nutrition Baked Protein Chips (21g): While regular, greasy potato chips would normally fall into the cheat food category, Quest has done an excellent job at creating tasty snacks that provide serious nutrition.

Cottage Cheese (10g): Grab a pack of 4 oz. cottage cheese containers so you can snatch one from the refrigerator when you need it. Cottage cheese is a light, refreshing snack in the early morning or afternoon, and it packs some serious protein.

Edamame (10g): Include some edamame in your meal prep and grab a handful for a boost of protein that feels like a treat. This snack is perfect for separating into smaller reusable bags or containers since you’ll need a spot to store the peels when you’re done.

Lenn & Larry’s The Complete Cookie (16g): This nutrient-dense, vegan cookie is packed with plant-based protein, a satisfying peanut butter flavor, and a smooth texture that will make you feel like you’re really snacking on something you shouldn’t be. You can split the cookie in half and still enjoy a snack high in protein.


Dana Baardsen has been using her degree in nutrition and food science to coach nutrition at gyms and wellness centers in the New York City area and cover health and fitness since 2012. Her work has been featured on Tough Mudder, Fit Pregnancy, Class Pass, Reader's Digest, and more. She edited The Cool Girl's Guide to the FODMAP Diet and chats about weight loss topics as a guest on the "Conquer Your Mountain" podcast.