The Best Buys For The Mud-Lovin' Lady In Your Life

By TMHQ | November 21, 2017


Buying for the Tough Lady in our lives is seriously tougher than World’s Toughest Mudder to buy for- regardless of their tastes. Or at least, that’s how it seems.  Which is why we’ve curated a no-fail gift guide  the mud-lovin’ ladies in your life will appreciate and use. Whether she’s a cardio-queen, a weightlifting beast, or loves tuning into Tough Mudder Bootcamp, we’ve got you covered. From new gear, fuel, and equipment that’s Grade A, our list is top-notch. So before you narrow in on another bottle of perfume or decide to go for the no-fail pajamas, browse TMHQ’s picks first. Just be sure to take a picture of the look on her face when your gift is next-level out of the ordinary. It’ll be better than her Electroshock Therapy Face. You’re welcome.

1. Compression Socks

When it comes to Tough Mudder training, you have many options for socks, but a pair with wicking capabilities capabilities is best. Any length will suffice (ankle, above the ankle or knee). But if you wanna feel like a WTM, know that Stef Bishop runs in CEP compression socks that cover her ankle because she prefers the extra protection when climbing over Berlin Walls or Skidmarked.; $26.93

2 All Out Crush

You can't go wrong with the Merrell All Out Crush. They have a great tread, which is especially useful when you get to obstacles like Mud Mile. Plus, they drain really well, so your won’t feel like your feet are weighing you down. Stef Bishop wears a half size larger in the AOC than normal, so just keep that in mind when you’re ordering for your Mud-lover.; $110.00

3. Protein Powder

After 10 miles of mud, any Tough Lady is going to need to refuel her body and give her muscles the protein they crave. Here at TMHQ, we’re lovin’ the vanilla, but the chocolate and mocha are a close second and third. Next-level performance calls for a next level protein shake, after all. Help your Mudder help herself build and repair muscles post-workout, by ordering her some Vega Sport® Protein.; $49.99

4. Headlamp

Does your Mudder keep on training even when it’s dark and cold? If so, this headlamp is just what she needs to keep from tripping because she’ll finally be able to see straight in front of her. This light will keep her in the game. The Solite 250 is ultralight, compact, and is one of the brightest lights in the industry. Plus brightness is regulated so it does not dim during use and can last over 100 hours in camp/read mode.; $130.00

5. Hiking Boots

And if your Tough Gal veers off the path for a dirt-pounding, hill-climbing hike, it’s worth buying her a pair of Mother-of-all-boots. These breathable, waterproof, comfortable, sturdy boots are the way to go. Plus, they come in 5 different colors (including pink).; $150.00

6. Tough Mudder Mug

Whether he’s going to work, scurrying to a meeting, or rushing to the gym, chances are your guy is on the go. Equip him with this Tough Mudder mug so he can stay caffeinated and ready to take on life.; $15.00

7. Tough Mudder Lace Pull-Over

In the winter, traipsing to and from the car to the gym to train is tough stuff. Gift your mud-lover with this Tough Mudder sweatshirt so they have another layer keeping them warm between the gym doors and car. Plus, it’s stylish, so every time they catch a glimpse of themselves in the locker room mirror, they’ll think of and thank you.; $50.00

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