Customize Your Tough Mudder With Level Up Lanes

By TMHQ | January 17, 2019


Level Up Lanes are our new and improved way to help you up the ante all over the Tough Mudder course in 2019.

That’s right, Mudders, this year, whether you’re a newbie or a Legionnaire, you can choose your challenge and test your toughness like never before. Our all new Level Up lanes offer a range of difficulty options at select obstacles throughout every Tough Mudder Classic and Tough Mudder 5K course. (Although you won't find every one of these on every course—'cause we like to keep you guessing.)

So, crank it up a notch or take it down a peg—2019 is the year that you decide.

Tough Mudder Level Up Lanes


The Obstacle: Leap of Faith
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: A higher net that's 3 feet off the water—requiring a full upper-body grab.

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The Obstacle: Kiss of Mud
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: You'll want to stay even closer to the ground, because we lowered the section of barbed wires several inches.  

The Obstacle: Hold Your Wood
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: In case your wood isn't big enough: we're giving you the opportunity to run with two logs. That's double the weight and double the challenge, dude.

The Obstacle: Entrapment
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: A lower section of wires (4 inches lower, to be specific) and additional hanging obstacles.

The Obstacle: Devil’s Beard
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: You'll still crawl under that crazy net—you'll just do it while carrying a 40- to 60-pound sandbag. 

The Obstacle: Berlin Walls
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: We've added a horizontal overhead ledge to the top of the wall.

The Obstacle: Black Widow
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Forget the standard straps on Black Widow—you'll swap those for a special challenge lane with colored straps. Just try to stay out of the water, people.

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The Obstacle: Cage Crawl
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Get ready to hold your breath, because in addition to the chain link sections, we've added a 6-feet long plexiglass window that you'll need to crawl under. 

The Obstacle: Augustus Gloop 2.0
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Lanes will have randomly placed grab holes instead of a ladder section climb-up. 'Cause that's just too easy.

The Obstacle: Funky Monkey - the Revolution
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: We've added covers to half of the rungs on the way up, so you'll have to skip every other rung.

The Obstacle: The Gauntlet
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: You'll find trouble steps on the Twinkle Toes section, and on the Gut Buster section, challenge yourself with Pole Dancer.

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The Obstacle: Electroshock Therapy
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: When you level up on Electroshock Therapy, you'll find a middle section with a higher density of wires and hay bale barriers. ZAP. 

The Obstacle: Everest 2.0
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Call it Everest 3.0: You'll find a new section added to this obstacle that's 2 feet taller than the classic version of Everest.

The Obstacle: Hydrophobia
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Just in case the Hydrophobia tube isn't claustrophobic enough for you, the Level Up Lanes version sits 3 inches lower in the water.

The Obstacle: Spread Eagle
The Level Up Lane Upgrade: Challenge your core with a wider set of straps—spaced an extra 12 inches apart.

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**Please be aware these Level Up Lanes are currently for North American courses only.**