Do You & Your Friend Have What It Takes To Volunteer?

By TMHQ | September 21, 2017


The strength of one Mudder is nothing compared to the power of a tribe. We’re tougher together, after all. The 10-mile course of team-oriented obstacles guarantee that both first-timers and Legionnaires will cross the finish line and with more friends than they started with. But there’s more to Tough Mudder events than kissing mud, running through dangling electrified wires, and a bath so cold it’s earned its name “Arctic Enema”.

There’s lending a helping hand or extra vote of confidence, hugging Mudders who’re showing their fears who’s boss, and encouraging first-timers to conquer the mud. While mud-lovers are shimmying under barbed wire and scaling the Tough Mudder version of Everest, the best team on the planet, the mudder volunteer team, is there bringing the energy, making fun, and keeping your escape of the ordinary running smoothly.

TMHQ calls our volunteer community our Mudder MVP’s (Most Valuable Players) because they are the driving force behind our events. They bring the energy and enthusiasm, are A+ high-fivers, and give top-notch hugs. Our MVP’s are the face of Tough Mudder: the ones who check participants in at registration and dress finishers in newly earned finisher headbands.

We have something for everyone who wants to volunteer: from setting up the event site, being the first to greet thousands of Mudders, cheering them on as they are challenged through a series of obstacles, putting those hard-earned headbands on or joining our industry leading medical team. Whatever their doing, our volunteers at the heart of it all, creating life-changing experiences for everyone (including themselves and the friends they bring with them).

We're inviting you to grab a friend and experience the awesomeness of Mudder Nation by joining the Mudder Volunteer Team, together. Together you’ll experience the camaraderie of Tough Mudder Nation, make lifelong memories, lend helping hands, and strengthen your already strong friendship.

To sign up to volunteer here. And if you have a friend who would be a kick-ass volunteer, grab ‘em and join the MVP family. Invite your friend to volunteer here.