Event Weekend Fuel: Quick 'n Healthy Tips and Recipes from Fit Men Cook

By Melissa Freeswick | May 24, 2016


You took the plunge, signed up for a Tough Mudder, and have been crushing it in the gym. You might’ve even started to change your diet (gasp), swapping cookies for carrots or saying no to extra piece of cake. Alright, that might be extreme, but by now you’ve realized that if you eat like sh*t, you workouts won’t be so hot. Same goes for event day. So when it comes to fueling for your event weekend, you might be wondering about how to properly prep. Should you carb-load the night before or keep things light? Eat a big breakfast, or chug some C-4? 

We caught up with Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook on the course at Tough Mudder Central Texas to find out at he ate leading up to his event day. If you guessed lots of protein, carbs, and healthy fats you’re on the right track. Check out his healthy lineup:

The Last Supper:

The night before it’s important to load up on some healthy complex carbs, the food that’ll fuel your body to keep going when your mind wants to give up. “My teammates and I had a classic tex mex dinner with fresh guacamole, skirt steak, and rice,” says Curry. “It was a pretty hearty meal.”  For a similar recipe, check out this kickass garlic peppered flank steak.

Pre-Event Fuel:

On event day, breakfast is key. But how do you know the right kind (and amount) of food to eat before embarking on course that could take hours to complete? To ensure you’re body can fire on all cylinders for an extended  period of time, first make sure you’re hydrated. “Drinking water or mixing up some BCAA’s the morning of is important,” says Curry. “Then, breakfast should consist of complex carbs, lots of healthy fats, and protein. Today I had eggs, toast with peanut butter and leftover pork loin with mushrooms.” If you don’t have time to whip up something the day of, prep something like this egg white, asparagus, and quinoa frittata the night before.  

Recovery 101: 

As you’re rounding the corner of mile 7 you’ve probably already started dreaming about what you're going to indulge in for the remainder of the day. Aside from probably the best tasting beer of your life at the finish line, Curry suggests, "Re-fuel your muscles with lean fats or a protein shake with isolate whey protein. After that, get a nice hearty meal with complex carbs and healthy fats, like sweet potatoes and a steak." These sweet potato tots look pretty damn good but if you're looking something on the lighter side that’ll help decrease inflammation, whip up a torpedo green muscle smoothie.