An Exclusive Interview with Coach T. Mud

By Matt Alesevich | July 8, 2015


You’ve seen him on course and on our YouTube Channel. He’s whipped you into shape and mesmerized you with his swiveling hips. But what’s seriously up with that Coach T. Mud dude? We caught up with Coach in his Lake Tahoe home to learn more about the man behind the aviators.

So Coach, how did you get discovered by Tough Mudder?

I am a CrossFit trainer in Lake Tahoe, and Tough Mudder reached out looking for someone to warm up participants for the Northstar event a couple of years ago. It was kinda like the little red emergency phone rang in the White House. I had a mission, and I knew what to do.

You are the star of Coachified, Tough Mudder's new web series. What can we expect from tuning in?

We are going to bring you everything from training tips to showing the positive impact of teamwork to channeling your inner spirit animal. I want to break down barriers and show viewers just how accessible and fun training for a Tough Mudder is. I love this stuff, and I’m super fired up.

In episode one of Coachified, you run the Tough Mudder Tahoe course. What was the energy like on course?

Holy smokes it’s electric - literally. Electroshock Therapy was barking Tahoe. For real though, being on course is fantastic. Tough Mudder takes away the aspect of time and creates this magical vibe of humans helping humans. It isn’t about just blitzing through the course as fast as possible. It’s about hanging out for a bit, lending a hand and truly experiencing the event. I can’t wait to do another one.

Before Coachified, you were the trainer behind Tough Mudder's Obstacle Training Series. What advice do you have for people who are a bit timid to try a Tough Mudder?

I created a month-long training program and an obstacle training guide, which are both free and complement the training videos. Start getting a team together and train with each other using my pointers. Just get out and have fun, try new things, and try not to take yourself too serious. Completing a Tough Mudder is a very obtainable goal, and with the help of your team and Mudder Nation, you can do this. Trust me.

Your getup is one of a kind. Has anyone recognized you off course yet?

During the filming of the second Coachified episode, a group of Mudder Legionnaires and their Mini Mudder kids recognized me. They’re the ones in the episode giving me high fives. They were awesome!

What message do you have for those people on our Facebook page who think your pants are too tight?

People think my pants are too tight? Now I know you’re pulling my leg.

Style aside. Your signature hip swivel seems to really get the crowd going. What's the key to a good hip swivel?

Practice is the key to being successful at anything. I suggest practicing in an area where people can watch you and give tips on your form - like in a local coffee shop or the produce section of the supermarket. If you find yourself pressed for time, a properly placed mirror can help out in a pinch.

What will be your next event?

I’ve got my eyes on the New York City Urban Mudder on July 25 is on my to-do list. If I end up there, it’ll certainly get this mountain boy out of his comfort zone in the big city. After that I would like to jump across the pond. I hear the mud in England is amazing. I wonder if I could get the guards at Buckingham Palace to do some hip swivels with me.