Explore the Globe in 2017 as a Tough Mudder Volunteer

By TMHQ | November 23, 2016


At Tough Mudder we do vacations a bit different. Think mud and challenging obstacles rather than inflatables & cocktails by the pool. With events hosted globally you could be volunteering at bag drop in Bali, cheering people on at Shawshanked in Shanghai or giving out finish line headbands in Germany. 

Turn your Tough Mudder volunteer experience into an adventure you’ll never forget. Why? Let us list the reasons: 


You get to see amazing places all over the world and get your muddy fix.



 Meet awesome people, seriously the MVP & Mudder communities rock.


 Come away with great stories to tell at your next local Tough Mudder 


 Save yourself loads of money to put towards an awesome trip. Wherever you are in the world you will run for up to 90% off - so book that 5* hotel, you deserve it. 




Join our Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/muddervolunteers/ and sign up HERE to be a Tough Volunteer today.