The First Ever MVP to Complete 100 Volunteer Shifts

By TMHQ | August 28, 2018


Known as the Ice Queen to many, Auntie Miranda to others, she’s been a well known face in the UK and across the pond since she started volunteering in 2013. At Tough Mudder London South weekend 2, she'll be reaching a special milestone and become the first MVP anywhere across the globe to volunteer for 100 shifts. We reached out to Miranda and asked her to look back on this journey and give us some insight into what it takes to get this far.


Miranda, the first ever MVP to complete 100 Volunteer Shifts 



So Miranda, 100 shifts, that’s quite a milestone, when was your first?

London South Winchester Matterly Bowl 2013.

What's your favourite memory from volunteering at Tough Mudder?

My first shift is my favourite, Guy and I did Trench Warfare together, made it our own for the day and just loved every minute.

What has inspired you while volunteering at Tough Mudder?

The first meeting of Paul Simcox the then MVP manager, he was the most inspirational, enthusiastic person and believed in Tough Mudder and its ethos, his personality was infectious he radiated Mudder love from the word go!

What makes the MVP programme so special to you that you've come back 100x?

It’s the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, you’ve helped someone have a better day, they’ve overcome a fear or maybe more. But for me it’s a little bit more, it’s helping the spectators who are lost, the little child who has waited an hour to watch daddy run passed, taking a picture for a team when they are done. Every inch of a Tough Mudder venue is special.

Why should someone volunteer at TM?

It’s the best adrenaline rush you’ll have from helping someone! There are many reasons people do it, cost saving for another event is normally top of the list for most, but I always say to people give it a go it’s the best day you’ll have, and you will be back!

What would your words of advice be to a new MVP?

Enjoy it! Embrace the moment, put your stiff upper lip in the bin! You have a chance to be a part of something amazing, a family with so many diverse elements that you will never be alone or short of a friend, IF you believe in Tough Mudder and its reason for existing then your life will be so much more enriched.

What lessons have you learned over your 100 shifts?

Mudders need your help, they expect you to know the answer, so get a map in the morning, learn the course, learn the obstacles, find out the spectator route! And smile!!!! Don’t be precious about getting dirty, get yourself some comfy shoes, keep a bag of your favourite snacks, and drink plenty of water - dehydration is not a fun thing. And always remember we all have issues, we all have problems, but there is always someone worse off than you, and you might make a difference to them in that brief moment you’re with them! Enjoy it.

And the question on everyone’s mind… how many pairs of cargo trousers do you own?

Ha! 3 pairs of the trousers and 1 pair of them in shorts.


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