Has Your Team Adopted the “We, Not Me” Mentality? Hint: You Should.

By TMHQ | July 6, 2017


Tough Mudder + Aflac Small Business Challenge

This blog was written by a member Club Fit Studio, the winners of the Aflac Small Business Challenge for the month of June.

As the owner of Club Fit Studio, a small group fitness studio, I get to see the positive impact fitness has on an individual and a community as a whole. Surrounded by an amazing group of people who aren’t afraid to work hard, play hard, and train hard, fitness has made us more family than friends/co-workers.

Our team adopts the "we not me" mentality. Whether it's cheering someone on through the last 20 seconds of a round, or sweeping the floor before class, they’re always there to lend a helping hand.

I learned very quickly at the Tough Mudder event that it takes a team to complete some of the challenges. Maybe it was helping someone over a wall or sacrificing your own body to get someone else's through the obstacle, that same teamwork applies to running a business. No matter what the situation may be, a solid team always pull through. I've seen them sacrifice their own time during training to cheer on a newbie just to make them feel welcome and tell them contrary to what they think, this pain is temporary.

Our team trains together 3 times a week in a class I call Endurance Fit. This class is run like a boot camp and focuses on strength, cardio, and endurance. They never know what I am going to throw at them or where we will train that day but the motto always is, "But did you die?"

When I think of my team, three traits come to mind: Family, Determination, and Humor.  Since opening my business, my team is my family. You miss them and look forward to the evenings of torture that you're about to go through. Being with them for so long you also get to see the drive and determination they have. The overall transformations they've had over the years is amazing. And the last word, Humor, is a perfect description of their personality. You could be on the brink of puking and someone will yell out, "Do it you get a free t-shirt." Which as the owner I have no idea how that got started, but apparently there’s a rumor.

I would like to think that deep down I inspire my team, but honestly I don’t think they know how much they inspire me. Seeing how hard they push they inspire me to be a better trainer. They inspire me to be a better person with the kindness and generosity they always have towards others. And last but not least, they inspire ME to train harder. They’re always there to give me a swift kick to get my butt in gear.

Winning the Aflac Small Business Challenge and running the Tough Mudder was an experience for my team that we will never forget. Weeks later we are still talking about it. Comparing bruises and scratches and trying to figure out at what point in the run has been a focal point of conversation. Or, "Hey did you remember that guy in the green shirt that helped us over the Berlin Wall?" A complete stranger taking time out to help my team, because that’s what Tough Mudder is all about... TEAMWORK.

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