Health Problems Can't Stop Tim Holt From Completing His 50th Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | June 20, 2018


Tim Holt's Tough Mudder journey began in 2012, when the Ashland, Virginia-based analyst completed his first event in Philly. Fast-forward to 2016, where he got perhaps the ultimate prize at World's Toughest Mudder—not the top spot on the podium, but a "yes" to his marriage proposal. And while a slew of health problems, including being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, almost ended his OCR days, this year Holt expects to achieve another milestone: completing his 50th Tough Mudder event. "Tough Mudder has brought much happiness to many lives, including my own," he says.  

Tim Holt Marriage Proposal at Tough Mudder Event

Transforming Into a Tough Mudder

My first event was at Tough Mudder Philly in May 2012 at the Pocono Raceway. I was so excited the night before that I could only sleep two hours. I woke up at 2:00 AM, drove four hours to the Tough Mudder, did the course with a few friends, got back to the car, and drove into NYC to see family. The next morning, I woke up more sore and stiff than I ever have been in my life. I just kept thinking about the course, and I was hooked. I began training for races, changed my body, and learned how blessed I am to be part of this special community. 

The Obstacle

A few years ago, I almost stopped participating in races. I was going through various health issues. I was miserable working the night shift; I began falling asleep at the wheel, and ended up sleeping in parking lots a few nights a week. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, two torn hip labrums, and hypertension. My chronic asthma became so bad that I was using three inhalers and a nebulizer while I drove to and from work. I changed to the day shift, exercised smarter, received advice and guidance from a compassionate doctor, and had surgery to repair one of the torn hips. 

Tim Holt at Tough Mudder event


The Aha Moment

Most importantly, I received support from the Tough Mudder community. They went above and beyond to make me feel loved. I received advice from dozens of people, like Joe Perry, Darth Vader, Ken Jacobus, Jay Mazza, and Jim Campbell. Even Tough Mudder Pro Team member Lindsay Webster and her Olympian sister sent me a video to help with hip rehab. 

I would not be where I am without the support of my family, friends, and the Tough Mudder community. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a Tough Mudder Ambassador and have positive relationships with TMHQ staff. I only hope that I can give back more than I have received.


Words To Live By

Take pride and passion in whatever you do. You change more lives than you will ever know.