How Your Fundraising Makes A Difference

By TMHQ | November 7, 2017


All too often we hear of Mudders who are afraid to fundraise for a cause because they think they won’t receive enough donations. So we’re here to put a good ol’ Mudderly arm around their shoulders and tell them they’re just not getting it.

Everyone who fundraises is a bonafide hero, no matter how much they raise. Every dollar donated makes a huge difference, and today we’re going to show you why.

We’re spotlighting 4 of our official Tough Mudder partner charities, and showing off the difference your hard-earned fundraising makes and can make to their life-changing work. And if you’re looking for a cause worth running for, add these to your list.

1. Help Camfed Unlock Futures for Girls In Africa. 

6 out of 10 girls become child brides in parts of rural Africa. Camfed works to change that by  unlocking girls’ futures by training GirlGuardians in the local African community who help girls stay in school.

Here’s what the money you fundraise running a Tough Mudder actually does:

-Just $15 will provide a girl with essential school supplies
-$30 pays for the uniform a girl needs to attend school
-For every $240 you raise, you’ll help Camfed keep a girl in high school for over a year

2. Support The Parkinson’s Foundation In Their Mission To Change Lives. 

The Parkinson’s Foundation has made it their mission to make life better for people with Parkinson's. Their work helps to provide care and carry out research toward a cure.

When you conquer the course as a Tough Mudder fundraiser, you’ll be helping the Parkinson’s Foundation reach that goal even sooner:

-Every $25 donation provides 4 people with free educational materials about Parkinson’s
-A donation of $100 can provide seven free life-saving Aware in Care kits
-When you give $500, you’ll help the Parkinson Foundation’s free Helpline answer 20 calls.
-If you reach $1,000 in fundraising, you’ll be directly contributing to grants and funding for researchers who are aiming to develop a cure

3. Do Your Part In The Battle Against Brain Cancer. 

Living with a brain cancer diagnosis is difficult. Patients require crucial scans and medical services, and families have lots of questions.

Voices Against Brain Cancer give vital help to patients, making sure they get the support they need to take the next step in their battle. As an official Tough Mudder charity partner, you can help turn the tide in that battle, whether you raise $50 or $5,000.

-Every $20 raised can pay for a life-changing call from the Voices Against Brain Cancer support team
-When you reach the $250 milestone in your fundraising, you’ll have paid for a Monthly Support Group Meeting for patients and their families
-With $1,000 raised you’ll be paying for integral lab equipment for grant recipients
-Going above and beyond with a $5,000 fundraising total will pay the full event space expenses for a Voices Against Brain Cancer Run/Walk Event

4. Contribute To The Organization For Autism Research And Their Search For Answers. 

The Organization for Autism Research strives to use science to answer the daily questions and challenges that autism presents to individuals with autism, their families, teachers, and caregivers.

As a fundraiser for OAR, you’ll know that everything you raise will go towards this hugely important research. 87 cents of every dollar donated funds OAR’s programs, including research, delivering resources, and supporting major program initiatives like Hire Autism and Autism in the Schoolhouse.

Feeling Inspired?

If you’re feeling inspired by the difference your fundraising could make, join the Tough Mudder fundraiser family for 2018 by signing up with a charity today. Just click HERE